The Boston coalition that drove Planned Parenthood to school and took over a former Catholic church
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In the course of political maneuvers to force Planned Parenthood sex instruction into Boston Public Schools, Planned Parenthood-endorsed councilwoman Ayanna Pressley formed a coalition with a group of like-minded, abortion and homosexual rights oriented groups that she described as a diverse coalition of tireless advocates.

These organizations worked together with Pressley for more than three years to put everything in place to require Planned Parenthood-style comprehensive sex instruction in Boston public schools. And shockingly, one of the coalition members has now taken over the Blessed Sacrament Church campus, which was closed by the Boston Archdiocese in the wake of the priest sex abuse scandals in 2004. It is likely that Planned Parenthood sex instruction is now part of the “community outreach” that takes place at Blessed Sacrament.

Here is the 411 on the coalition that drove Planned Parenthood to school and took over the 115-year-old majestic Catholic church campus. It reads like a directory of top pro-abortion, pro-homosexual entities.

NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts: NARAL originally stood for the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League. The name says it all. Since that title didn’t resonate with the general public, the abortion lobby group dumped the explanation, kept the acronym, and added “Pro-Choice America” or “Pro-Choice” and the name of the affiliate at hand to the title. From the NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts website: “NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts is proud to be the political leader of the pro-choice movement here in the commonwealth. We are a state affiliate of NARAL Pro-Choice America.”

Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts: This Planned Parenthood affiliate operates seven facilities across Massachusetts, three of which commit abortions on site, while the remaining four feed abortion bound women into the surgical abortion facilities. Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts authored Get Real, the sex instruction curriculum that it tested in Boston elementary and middle schools, using students as young as 11 as guinea pigs.

The Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy: According to a May 2014 press release from Planned Parenthood, Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts is a subcontractor with The Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy on a Teen Pregnancy Prevention grant from the Department of Health and Human Services. Those grants are not for small change. The federal Office of Adolescent Health shows that MATP received a $1.2 million grant as a part of the current grant cycle. MATP is hosting certification sessions for sex ed teachers—taught by Planned Parenthood.

ABCD operates school-based health clinics, among its other community outreach programs. It lists contraceptives among its services.

The ACLU is notorious for defending everything that runs counter to family values, and almost always aligns with Planned Parenthood.

MassEquality is a group organized to “preserve” same sex marriage. In an interview on the Planned Parenthood PPLM website, Planned Parenthood refers to MassEquality as its “friend” and says, “MassEquality and Planned Parenthood, along with our allies, are devoted to ensuring that the LGBTQ community, suffering with a lack of culturally competent care, access, and information, are given a voice and an opportunity to re-take control of their health.” MassEquality refers to Planned Parenthood as “a valuable asset to the LGBT community,” and advocates for funding for the abortion giant. And the results of the capstone project for Boston 8th graders who were exposed for three years to the Planned Parenthood curriculum Get Real shows that the children were taught that homosexuality is normal and on a level with heterosexual sex.

Hyde Square Task Force: Tragically, Hyde Square Task Force now owns the 115-year-old Blessed Sacrament Church campus, which was shut down in 2004 by the archdiocese. The Task Force lists Planned Parenthood on its website as a collaborator. It is reasonable to believe that Planned Parenthood programs are or will be in place on the campus that was built to give glory to God.

Planned Parenthood has its tentacles into every area of community life, especially the ones that will give it access to children. Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts has proven that through extensive networking, a city council can be a fast track into public schools. Parents, be vigilant.