San Antonio government set to issue Planned Parenthood 'license to kill'
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An investigative report by STOPP national director Rita Diller revealed last week that San Antonio city officials are fighting tooth and nail to ensure that Planned Parenthood can indeed open its new abortion mega-center at 2140 Babcock Road. Residents of the Dream Hill Estates neighborhood bordering the new abortion center were denied an injunction that would have blocked the projected March 1 opening of the facility that is projected to kill at least 2,800 babies its first year of operation.

Strange things have been going on in the courtroom and at every level of local government since neighborhood residents found out that Planned Parenthood was stealthily remodeling the 22,000 square foot building for use as a regional “flagship” abortion center. All along the way, residents have been denied protection that would reasonably be expected from city officials against Planned Parenthood’s stealth move into the neighborhood. 

Concerns about the huge amounts of traffic the facility will bring into the quiet neighborhood and all the safety issues and noise pollution issues that go along with that have fallen on deaf ears at city hall and in courtrooms. 

Now, a local investigation has shown that Planned Parenthood officials are large donors to the campaigns of current city council members and the mayor. A total of four lawyers represent the city, its officials, and Planned Parenthood in attempts to beat the neighborhood residents back and ensure that Planned Parenthood gets an occupancy certificate—a piece of paper that amounts to a license to kill the babies of San Antonio and all across south and west Texas. 

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