Planned Parenthood Hunting for Customers
This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2015-10-21

Over the last two decades, Planned Parenthood has become extremely dependent on taxpayer money. As many writers have noted, PP now gets 40 percent of its $1.3 billion annual income from the government. Most of that money, as was pointed out in the latest Government Accounting Office report, comes from Medicaid reimbursements. The GAO says that PP receives $400 million from Medicaid—75 percent of its government income.

The problem with building your business with such a reliance on Medicaid is that you must have customers who get services that are paid for by Medicaid. If you don’t have the customers, you lose the money.

According to Planned Parenthood’s annual reports, it is losing customers. In the last four years the number of unique customers each year at PP has gone from 3.0 million to 2.86 million. That’s a loss of over 300,000 customers—a 10 percent loss. That might not seem like much, but it is a trend that PP needs to reverse or it faces total collapse.

If you are Planned Parenthood and you need more customers, you do what you’ve always done. You create new customers through outrageous sex instruction programs in the schools. The problem for PP is that parents are pushing back. No longer are parents lying down and letting the schools do whatever they want. Parents are demanding that these PP-style programs be taken out of the schools.

Over the past few years, throughout the pages of this newsletter, we’ve brought you a number of stories about the fight against sex instruction in Hawaii. This fight has slowed down the implementation of the programs and hampered PP’s search for new customers.

But, Hawaii is just one state targeting PP programs.

The fight against PP-style sex instruction in Las Vegas, Nevada, has grown so big that the school board had to hold a public meeting in a huge auditorium to accommodate the crowd. Although the board reported “hundreds” of parents in attendance, informed sources told STOPP that the total number was around 1,000. We applaud the work of the Nevada group, Power2Parent, for the work it is doing to protect the young people in Las Vegas.

Fights against PP-style sex instruction for children also continue to thrive in Oregon. We’ve told you previously how community outrage forced the permanent cancellation of an annual sex instruction conference for children. But that, as it turns out, was just the start of the effort to reign in Planned Parenthood in the state. A group, Parental Rights in Education, is currently leading the efforts and is having a positive effect.

In addition to all the hard work within the individual states, these groups are talking with each other and sharing experiences and resources. This collaboration—which will be bad news for Planned Parenthood—is great news for us.

These are just three of the many efforts by parents and serious educators to put an end to attacks on our young people by Planned Parenthood. As these battles gain momentum and are successful, PP will have real problems ending the slide in its customer base.