Planned Parenthood Never Does Anything Wrong
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It’s beginning to sound like a broken record. Elected officials, investigative committees, and journalists find evidence of Planned Parenthood breaking the law. When presented with the evidence, Planned Parenthood simply repeats loudly that it didn’t do anything wrong.

The latest example of this came just this week when investigators in Ohio found that three PP abortion facilities were using a contractor to dump bodies of aborted babies in landfills. Ohio officials said this was against state regulations. 

According to an Associated Press news story, “Planned Parenthood called the report ‘inflammatory.’ The group said its three facilities that provide abortions follow Ohio law and use the same practices as hospitals and other providers, which generally contract with companies to dispose of medical waste.”

Did you get that? Planned Parenthood in Ohio considers the bodies of aborted babies to be “medical waste.” Remember earlier this year when PP was caught selling baby body parts and it defended its actions by saying it was providing human tissue from aborted babies to researchers for experiments? No mention of “human waste” in that discussion. It seems PP makes up its rhetoric to fit whatever defense it thinks will work best when each incidence of its wrong-doing is uncovered.

In other cases where Planned Parenthood is caught doing something wrong, it just tries to confuse the issue. A few months ago, the state of Florida cited three Planned Parenthood abortion facilities for doing second trimester abortions when they were only licensed to do first trimester abortions. The state defines first trimester as being 14 weeks from the date of the woman’s last menstrual period. Since fertilization usually takes place about two weeks from LMP, this means a fetal age of 12 weeks or less. The state accused PP of doing abortions of babies of 13–14 weeks fetal age. PP, of course, claimed it had done nothing wrong and that there was just confusion over the definition of “first trimester.” 

The good news is that many states and attorneys general are beginning to understand Planned Parenthood better and are pursuing legal action in spite of PP’s protestations of innocence. As this trend spreads across the country, we can expect to see the day when PP is actually held accountable for its transgressions. We pray that day will come soon.