Special Issue on the Latest Planned Parenthood Annual Report
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On December 28, 2015, Planned Parenthood Federation of America released its 2014–2015 Annual Report. This issue of the Wednesday STOPP Report will examine the highlights of that document.

It is important to note that the service numbers covered in the PPFA Annual Report covered the period from October 1, 2013, to September 30, 2014. In addition, the financial numbers covered the period from July 1, 2014, to June 30, 2015. Thus, all of the numbers presented by PP in this annual report took place before the release of any of the Center for Medical Progress’ undercover videos. All of the changes in this report reflect the ongoing work of those fighting Planned Parenthood across the country.  

The PPFA 2014–2015 Annual Report can be found at plannedparenthood.org/about-us/annual-report

STOPP has updated our Five Years of Planned Parenthood Numbers chart, and the new chart—including all the new numbers from the latest PPFA report—can be found by going to stopp.org/stats/ and clicking on “Detailed Statistics of Planned Parenthood’s Last Five Years.”


Number of Planned Parenthood customers DOWN

The report shows that the number of unique customers at Planned Parenthood fell dramatically—from 2,680,000 in 2013 to “approximately” 2,500,000 in 2014. To understand the significance, we must realize that this is the first time since 1998 that Planned Parenthood reported less than 2,600,000 annual customers.

One of the primary focuses of local people trying to get Planned Parenthood out of town is to reduce the number of customers going through its doors. The various tactics are obviously working very well and Planned Parenthood is seeing fewer people.

Number of Planned Parenthood services provided DOWN

In order to increase the value of each customer, Planned Parenthood tries to sell each on getting more than one service. In 2013, it provided 10,590,433 services to its customers. In 2014, that number has dropped to 9,455,582.

A detailed look at the data reveals that, not only did Planned Parenthood have significantly fewer customers in 2014, it also provided each customer with four percent fewer services. The combination of these two conditions means that the number of services provided by Planned Parenthood in 2014 is its lowest number of services since 2004.

We invite our readers to get a copy of our “Detailed Statistics of Planned Parenthood’s Last Five Years” and look at the detailed service numbers. You will find: 

Abortion Procedures Down

Contraception, Women Down

Emergency Contraception Kits Down

Female Sterilizations Down 

Colposcopy Procedures Down

Cryotherapy Procedures Down

HIV Testing, Women & Men Down

PAP Tests Down

HPV Vaccinations Down

Family Practice Services, Men & Women Down

Breast Exams/Breast Care Down

Pregnancy Tests Up

Prenatal Services Down

LOOP/LEEP Procedures Down

STI Procedures, Women & Men Down

Other Services, Women and Men Up

Adoption Referrals to Other Agencies Up

Number of abortions committed by Planned Parenthood DOWN

Planned Parenthood reported committing 323,999 abortions in 2014. This number demonstrates that Planned Parenthood is still the largest abortion chain in the nation. However, it is lower than its 2013 number of 327,653.

In fact, the last time Planned Parenthood reported an annual number of abortions less than its 2014 total was in 2007.

We estimate that Planned Parenthood takes in about $191 million from its abortion procedures.

Total income of Planned Parenthood slightly DOWN

PPFA reported that its 2015 total income was $1.296 billion.

This was down slightly from its 2014 number of $1.303 billion. 

A look at the details of its income shows that the income reduction was caused by an almost 10 percent drop in donations. That category fell from $391.8 million in 2014 to $353.5 million in 2015.

It appears the private sector is having second thoughts about donating to Planned Parenthood. Remember, this was before the release of the CMP videos. We can only hope that next year’s results will show an even more dramatic decline.

Planned Parenthood continues to make millions in profits.

Many people believe that Planned Parenthood does not make a profit. In fact, when PPFA’s president, Cecile Richards, went before a congressional committee, she became outraged when it was mentioned that Planned Parenthood makes a profit. She vehemently insisted that PPFA had “income in excess of expenditures,” not a profit.

Well, let’s look at the “income in excess of expenditure” numbers for Planned Parenthood over the last five years:

2011 $155.5 million

2012 $87.4 million

2013 $58.2 million

2014 $127.1 million

2015 $58.8 million

We have been tracking Planned Parenthood finances since 1987 and can tell you that there has never been a year that PP has not had millions of dollars of “excess income.”

Cecile may protest, but when Planned Parenthood accumulates excess income of $487 million in just five years, that’s a profit!

Planned Parenthood taxpayer income goes UP

That’s right, with just about everything else in Planned Parenthood’s world declining over the last year, its taxpayer income actually increased!

Planned Parenthood reported 2015 taxpayer income of $553.7 million. That is an increase of $25.3 million from its 2014 taxpayer income of $528.4 million.

We must note:

Taxpayer income now accounts for 42.7 percent of Planned Parenthood’s total income.

The $553.7 million received by Planned Parenthood in 2015 is the largest one-year taxpayer funding Planned Parenthood has received in its history.

Cecile Richards argued under oath before a congressional committee that the overwhelming majority of PP taxpayer income is reimbursement for services. So, in a year when its number of customers falls almost seven percent, and its service numbers fall 11 percent, how does its taxpayer funding rise 4.8 percent?

We understand that services and income are counted over different dates, but it still makes no sense that PP’s taxpayer income continues to climb while its number of customers has dropped to 1998 levels.

One could argue that its business rebounded since October 2014, but that seems unlikely since we know that Planned Parenthood closed a net of 23 centers in calendar year 2015.


The latest annual report from Planned Parenthood has a great deal of encouraging news for those fighting against the organization. It is dangerous to draw too much from a single report, but it appears clear that, with the exception of taxpayer funding, Planned Parenthood is having some trouble attracting and keeping clients.

We understand, of course, that the service numbers we found out about last week have been known to Planned Parenthood leadership for the last year. You can bet that they have been implementing corrective action and trying to increase PP’s customer base and services provided. However, we expect that the release of the CMP videos and the continued pressure of people focusing on closing down Planned Parenthood centers across the country have put a kink in its recovery efforts.

We ask all our readers to take a few minutes and:

1. Say a prayer of thanks for the problems that this latest report indicates Planned Parenthood is having.

2. Organize or expand efforts against Planned Parenthood in your community.

3. Make 2016 the most productive one yet in our mutual efforts to close down this organization that exists on the backs of taxpayers, comes between children and their parents, and continues to slaughter 888 children every day of the year.