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Twice each month, thousands of individuals who are dedicated to fighting against the evil of Planned Parenthood receive this report. In each issue we present you with facts on what Planned Parenthood is doing. We also tell you what people across America are doing to fight against PP.

This week’s report is a bit different. After completing our annual analysis of Planned Parenthood facilities in the United States, we are filled with excitement. God is moving this nation toward the day when we will be free of the scourge of Planned Parenthood. He will bring about the time when our children will not be accosted by the sordid sexuality indoctrination programs of PP. This year’s facilities survey convinces us that God is rewarding all your hard work and we want to share the good news with you.

For those of you who like “just the facts,” as Joe Friday used to say, you can go directly to our report at stopp.org/pdfs/2015/STOPP_Facilities2015.pdf

For the rest of you, please read the report and then come back and enjoy the moment.

We are winning!

This year’s report gives unmistakable proof that we are winning the fight against the billion-dollar behemoth. For the 10th year in a row, Planned Parenthood closed down significantly more clinics than it opened. The number of closures is staggering. PP’s empire shrunk by 26 percent during that time. It actually closed one out of every four clinics it operated 10 years ago.

Planned Parenthood’s total clinic numbers are down to 645 and are still falling. This has not happened because Planned Parenthood was caught by surprise. After all, we have posted our plan to close Planned Parenthood clinics on our website for almost 20 years. We don’t hide what we do. We tell its staff how we are going to peacefully and prayerfully close its clinics and then we do what we say we’re going to do. As a result, clinics get boarded up at the rate of almost three a month. PP closed 33 clinics in 2015. It closed an average of over two dozen clinics a year over the last 10 years. 

Planned Parenthood reported last December that its number of unduplicated customers fell, in 2014, to its lowest point in 16 years. Many pundits think its number of customers is down because it closed so many clinics. We know differently. We understand that it closes clinics after its customer base goes down. We know that, if we can convince people in town that Planned Parenthood is a controversial organization and they should not go there, people will stay away and PP will close.

It’s not magic, but it takes persistence. Persistence and prayer. That is what all the longtime readers of this report have done for years. You are why Planned Parenthood continues to close clinic after clinic even while receiving millions and millions of dollars in taxpayer money, and even while it tries to buy presidential elections and bullies other nonprofit organizations who try to stop giving it money (remember Komen?). Planned Parenthood tries to use every trick in this world to advance its empire, but it is crumbling.

Our secret weapon

Most of us who have stood outside Planned Parenthood clinics have encountered the confusion of Planned Parenthood employees. They simply do not understand us. They cannot comprehend why we would spend hours in the sun, the rain, and the snow when we get no material gain from our efforts. How many times have you heard them exclaim, “Get a job!”? We smile when we hear that. We understand that being out in front of PP is one of the greatest jobs in the world. It is a job given to each of us by God. We have the absolute honor of bringing our Lord to Planned Parenthood.

We understand that the fight against Planned Parenthood is a spiritual battle. While walking the sidewalks outside PP and attending city council and school board meetings, we join an army of people who come from all walks of life. They are there for different reasons. Some are “pro-choice” parents who are upset that Planned Parenthood pushes confidential services and come between them and their children. Others would describe themselves as fiscal conservatives who are outraged at the taxpayer money flooding into PP. And, of course, many are pro-life warriors trying to protect every human being created by God.

Whatever their background, they are fighting against the programs and policies of Planned Parenthood because God has motivated them to do so. And it is because we are God-directed that we are winning.

We take this spiritual aspect of our work so seriously that, in 2009, we implemented an effort called Bringing Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary. We take pictures and statues of Jesus and his mother, Mary, to the Planned Parenthood clinics . . . and they close down. Many of you were doing this before our formal campaign and you told us how effective it is. God motivated you to tell us and motivated us to listen and act.

God is our secret weapon and He has been showing us how pleased He is with our efforts. The annual facilities report shows His pleasure.

Planned Parenthood is trying to fight back, but it can’t win

For years, Planned Parenthood has tried different approaches with its clinics to build its business, but all have failed. For a number of years, it opened “Express Clinics” in upscale shopping malls and other places to feed customers to its full-service facilities. You got them all to close down. 

Planned Parenthood has had some limited success opening mega-abortion centers, but it is not having the overall effect PP desired. Despite having opened over 15 mega-centers, Planned Parenthood’s abortion numbers in 2014 were lower than its 2008 numbers. Growing opposition has saved babies’ lives and thwarted Planned Parenthood’s efforts.

This year’s facilities report identified a new trend at Planned Parenthood. It is getting more and more of its clinics to commit medication abortions. The reasons why and the specific numbers are discussed at length in our full report, but the fact is that PP added 25 medication-only abortion facilities in the last year. For the first time in its history, a majority (55.2 percent) of its clinics commit surgical and/or medication abortions. So much for the claim by PP that abortion is not a main part of its business.

Planned Parenthood is trying so hard to pretend it is business as usual, when it is actually crumbling from within. It has the media on its side. It has the current president of the United States and many in his party goose-stepping to its offer of dollars and awards. But, it cannot win. It will not survive. It must go the way of every other evil organization—into oblivion. It can’t survive because God is with us.

Keep on doing what you are doing

We close this report with all of us at American Life League’s STOPP International program asking you to please continue what you are doing.

For those on the front lines at the Planned Parenthood clinics, we need you to bring Jesus to Planned Parenthood. Be out there every minute you can with the love of God and humbly pray that God will save the babies, the mothers and fathers, and the clinic workers. Your physical presence makes the difference.

For those fighting against offensive sex indoctrination programs in the schools, keep doing what you are doing. You are targeting the supply column that feeds the abortion mills with our daughters and grandchildren. Do not be afraid, for the Holy Spirit will be with you as you try to save His children from the horror of Planned Parenthood’s programs. Every success you have will save the souls of teenagers from the clutches of the devil. Please, keep Planned Parenthood away from our children.

For those trying to stop taxpayer money from going to Planned Parenthood, please keep the pressure on. We need to end local, state, and federal monies going to Planned Parenthood. It is that money that is temporarily afloat. When you succeed, PP clinics close and our towns and states become much safer for the next generation. Please, keep Planned Parenthood away from our money.

For those of you who support American Life League and your state and local groups that are fighting Planned Parenthood, please remain faithful in your giving. Although our money will never match that of Planned Parenthood, we still need to have funds to wage this effort. Your efforts allow us to travel across the nation, help local people in their local fight against PP, and close down the PP facilities. Please, be as generous as possible. 

For those who pray for this effort, thank you. It is your prayers that have brought the success that we write about today. You call upon God to bless our efforts and He does bless them—far beyond what we could hope to achieve on our own.

Thank you to the thousands of people who have been with us since STOPP began in 1985. It has been an incredible journey and God is blessing all of our efforts. Read the latest facilities report and know that we are winning. Praise God!