Planned Parenthood Closes Another Clinic
This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2016-09-07

Planned Parenthood’s clinic at 415 West Virginia Street in Effingham, Illinois, has a note on the back door. It is written by hand on pink paper and reads simply, “We are closed,” then provides an address and phone number of another clinic.

According to an article in the Effingham Daily News, the clinic has suffered financial trouble for some time.

“Consolidating these two centers allows PPIL to use resources most effectively by meeting our patients where the demand is the greatest,” said Linda Shapiro, interim chief executive officer of PP Illinois. She continued, “Demand in Effingham has continued to drop.” 

In fact, the facility was only open one day a week at the end.

Local anti-Planned Parenthood activist Rob McKerrow was one of a group of six people who would pray outside the PP office every Tuesday—the one day it was open. He told the Effingham Daily News: “I guess we finally wore them down. . . . Yesterday we learned they were packing up at closing time.”

Congratulations to the faithful prayer warriors in Effingham. God has answered your prayers.

STOPP has become aware of a number of Planned Parenthood clinic closings over the last few weeks. This closing marks the 15th that we are aware of in 2016. Praise God and let’s all keep the pressure on Planned Parenthood.