Planned Parenthood Transgender Services
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In recent weeks, we have been hearing more and more about Planned Parenthood across the country offering transgender services. Transgender people are, of course, individuals who were born with either male or female sex organs, but now want to change to the opposite sex.

According to a Planned Parenthood website, it has 37 centers in 11 different states that offer these services. That number has begun to increase significantly. In the past, the types of services provided by Planned Parenthood have been hormone treatments. Specifically, it provides:

Transgender Female (MTF) Hormone Therapy including estrogen and spironolactone 

Transgender Male (FTM) Hormone Therapy including testosterone  

In doing the research for this article, we found some PP locations that added “Pubertal Suppression” to this list of transgender services. To quote from Planned Parenthood Upper Hudson’s website, “We offer this to transgender and gender non-conforming adolescents who are entering puberty and wish to prevent the irreversible and undesirable changes that develop. Parental permission is required for this service.”  

Puberty suppressors are drugs that block (suppress) the release of LH and FSH from the pituitary gland. This then stops the child from beginning puberty. These drugs come in two forms: Leuprolide or Lupron Depot. This form of the medicine is an injectible that is given on either a monthly or every three month basis. The second form Suprellin or Histrelin is an implant. A very small device is implanted under the skin of one’s upper arm and it slowly releases the agent (medicine) over a period of one year. The unit must be replaced on a yearly basis by a surgeon.

The lead story at on November 26 announced: “According to the Little Village Mag, starting in January, the Cedar Rapids Planned Parenthood Health Center will be providing a new range of health care services for members of the transgender and gender nonconforming communities, which they are calling ‘Transcare’. It will include hormone therapy, puberty suppression, along with continuing healthcare and lab work.”

By now, you are getting the sense of why Planned Parenthood is getting more heavily into this business. It will make money from office visits by transgenders; it will make more money from the puberty suppression services; and it will make even more money from the hormone treatments. In addition, it will provide lab work services where it has its own labs, and produce and charge for “education” programs for transgender individuals—or even just questioning individuals. 

To drive people in New York to PP for these products, PP has set up and The front page of the Queer Tips website states: “The best queer sex ed class you were never offered. Run by the kickbutt people of Planned Parenthood of the Southern Finger Lakes' Out For Health initiative.”

The mention of lab work in the Cedar Rapids announcement reminded us that, back in 2008, PP was pushing for its affiliates to explore two new "business opportunities." Recommended activities included laboratory services and clinical research. PP engages in a number of activities that require it to send material to local laboratories for analysis. PP was looking at setting up its own labs to save money by doing this laboratory analysis itself. We have heard that, in order to increase the volume of business for its labs, some PP affiliates may try to expand the business by offering laboratory services to local physicians and other medical groups.