California, Here She Comes!
This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2017-03-08

In 2015 and 2016, STOPP’s Jim Sedlak made numerous trips to California and spoke to groups all over the state about fighting Planned Parenthood.

During each of the discussions, Jim mentioned our Bringing Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary campaign. We launched this campaign officially in 2010 and immediately saw a significant increase in the rate of Planned Parenthood clinic closings. We encouraged people to bring Jesus through Mary to their local Planned Parenthood centers.

With this in mind, the community organizers in California have come up with their own idea, and it is fantastic!

First, let me explain that the patroness of the Catholic pro-life movement in the Americas is Our Lady of Guadalupe. This amazing devotion to Christ’s mother goes hand-in-hand with a missionary image of Our Lady of Guadalupe that travels with the help of the group, Dan Lynch Apostolates. The image, together with the intense prayers of those accompanying the image, is credited with closing a number of abortion facilities in the United States.

This week, after much prayer and petition, the Our Lady of Guadalupe image arrived in California for a remarkable tour. From March 3 through May 1, the image will be carried to every abortion facility in the state of California. Given that California has over 150 abortion facilities (including 90 that are Planned Parenthood owned), to cover them all in a little over 60 days will take tremendous stamina.

California has long been a stronghold of the culture of death. It is the state with the largest number of abortion facilities in the country and the state where the largest number of Planned Parenthood abortuaries were caught selling baby body parts. It is also the state in which just about every abortion is paid for by the state government. Planned Parenthood affiliates in the state receive as much as 87 percent of their income from taxpayers.

Today, the image is outside Planned Parenthood killing centers in Rancho Mirage and Coachella. You can find the schedule for each day by going to this website. At each facility, the prayers will be the same—that our Blessed Mother and the Christ child in her womb will shower God’s graces on all involved in the killing of babies so they will walk away from the abortion industry and be converted in their hearts to a complete love for all of God’s creations, including preborn children.

The fact that the missionary image of Our Lady of Guadalupe will spend the next two months traveling all over the state and pausing for intense prayer at every abortion facility is one of the most inspiring and hopeful things happening in our country.

We encourage every pro-lifer in California to visit this site and learn when the image will be in your town. Then, plan to go to the abortion facility when the image is there and PRAY. This is not a rally or a protest. This is an occasion for prayer. This is an occasion for us all to join our voices together and ask our Lord and His mother to bring an end to abortion in California.

This is a time of grace and blessing. We dare not sit by in silence. Raise your voices in prayer to God and witness the awesome power that is His.

To find out more about this effort, please listen to Jim Sedlak’s interview with Teresa Marsano here (Click on the March 3, 2017 show).