Waco Pro-Lifers Are on Fire for God
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Pro-lifers in Waco, Texas (the birthplace of Cecile Richards—PPFA president), have been fighting Planned Parenthood for many years.

In 2013, the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Waco closed, but PP continued to operate a family planning clinic. Waco pro-lifers continued to protest PP’s presence and established a very effective “Overpass Protest” on busy I-35.

Late last year, Pro-Life Waco uncovered the fact that a new license to do abortions had been issued to the Waco office of Planned Parenthood. The license permits PP to do abortions in the same building as the family planning clinic. However, John Pisciotta, head of PLW, has credible information that PP is actually building a new 9,000 square foot building in a local medical park. John has been raising questions about Planned Parenthood’s intentions.

In a newspaper article earlier this year, Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas (the affiliate that operates the Waco office) confirmed that it does intend to start doing abortions in Waco in 2017. However it would “neither confirm nor deny” that the new building in the medical park was for Planned Parenthood’s use.

It was in this atmosphere that Jim Sedlak traveled to Waco on the second Sunday of March to speak at the monthly meeting of Pro-Life Waco. Jim reports that he found “a group motivated and on fire to stop abortions from coming again to Waco.” The group has a new NEVER AGAIN IN WACO campaign and recently ran a full-page ad in the Waco newspaper with the names of over 50 pastors and religious who oppose the Planned Parenthood killing center.

At the meeting, Jim told of the background of Planned Parenthood and the fact that Planned Parenthood leaders receive awards for spreading the religion of Humanism. That religion basically says there may or may not be a God, but it makes no difference. God has no effect here on earth. There is no heaven and no hell. This is it. There are no Ten Commandments—they were merely ten suggestions. Man decides what’s right and wrong, and that changes depending on the situation.

The audience understood the message and reacted immediately. Many rose at the end of the meeting and shouted “Planned Parenthood, Get Out of Waco,” and “Never Again in Waco.”

In his normal fashion, John Pisciotta was more than ready for this struggle. He laid out a plan of action and had participants sign up to get involved and to get their friends involved. He also gave the message that it was not enough to just stop the abortion facility. What is needed is for Planned Parenthood to get out of town for good.

The event came to a rousing conclusion, and it was discovered that at least two of the attendees were from Planned Parenthood. One person reported that, as the two women were walking out of the building, one turned to the other and said in a worried tone, “They can’t really shut us down, can they?”

Yes, Planned Parenthood. You have closed over 300 clinics since your peak and have been forced to leave many communities due to a lack of support. You can, and will, decide in the near future that Waco is one of those cities where your programs and services are no longer wanted or needed.