Mary Closes a California Abortion Business
This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2017-05-03

We have been telling you about the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe that has been on a two-month long pilgrimage in California.

During that time, the image was taken to all the abortion facilities in the state. At each facility there was a time of intense prayer, and our Blessed Mother was asked to close down the facility.

April 6, 2017, was a rainy day, yet that didn’t prevent supporters from taking the image to the Women's Health Specialists abortion business at 1442 Ethan Way in Sacramento. This business has been hurting women and killing babies for over 42 years. Local pro-lifers have prayed outside this facility for years and it was the site of one of the 40 Days for Life campaign this year.

Last week, just three weeks after the visit of the Missionary Image, WHS announced it was closing its doors for good! Praise God and His Blessed Mother!

We have read a number of accounts behind the closing of this killing center. Most talk about declining business, rising costs, and other secular reasons. While we’re sure these things may have contributed to the closing, we firmly believe that it was the visit of the Missionary Image that sealed its fate.

We have often pointed out that the fight against Planned Parenthood is, at its roots, a spiritual battle. Remember that every major president of Planned Parenthood has received awards for spreading the Humanist religion. It is an anti-God religion, and the only way to ultimately win the battle is through prayer and heavenly assistance.

Never cease praying for all involved in the abortion industry. God can convert hearts and minds!