Planned Parenthood Federation's Last Five Years' Data
This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2018-01-10

Planned Parenthood Federation of America recently released its 2016-2017 Annual Report.

As usual, the 44-page report is packed with facts and figures. In this week’s Wednesday STOPP Report we broke out some of these numbers for a detailed analysis. You will find both financial and abortion numbers discussed at length in other articles. In this article we just want to give you an overview of Planned Parenthood’s other numbers.

STOPP has prepared a one-page document to provide you with all of the Planned Parenthood financial and service numbers for the last five years. You can access it at

Planned Parenthood took in $1.46 billion this past year. This is an all-time record for Planned Parenthood. It also says it had “income in excess of expenditures” (i.e., profit) of $98.5 million—the fifth highest profit in its history. Since PP bills itself as a “healthcare” organization you would expect that its “health services” would have increased significantly. Here is what actually happened:

  • Planned Parenthood reports that the number of unique customers was the same as last year: 2.4 million.
  • Planned Parenthood reports providing 9,537,592 services to the 2.4 million customers. That was UP slightly from the 9,494,977 last year.
  • The following services at Planned Parenthood went DOWN this year:
    • Abortions
    • Female contraception
    • Emergency contraception kits
    • Male sterilizations
    • Female sterilizations
    • Colposcopy procedures
    • Cryotherapy procedures
    • PAP tests
    • HPV vaccinations
    • Family practice services
    • Pregnancy tests
    • Prenatal services
    • LOOP/LEEP procedures
    • Other services, men and women

  • The following services at Planned Parenthood went UP this year:
    • HIV testing, women and men
    • Breast exams/breast care (PP does NOT do mammograms)
    • STI procedures, men and women (STI is also known as STD)
    • Adoption referrals

Some specific numbers:

  • Abortion procedures   321,384
  • Prenatal services         7,762
  • Adoption referrals       3,889
  • 41 abortions for every 1 prenatal service
  • 83 abortions for every 1 adoption referral

The bottom line on Planned Parenthood services is that these services continue to decrease even as Planned Parenthood takes in more money and makes higher profits. If you look at the sheet of five-year data on Planned Parenthood (, you will note that even many of the four services that showed an increase this year are significantly below the service levels of just five years ago. Breast exams, for example, are 38 percent lower than in 2012.

We have been able to reach many of Planned Parenthood’s target customers and convince them not to go near Planned Parenthood. The fact that this organization is closing clinics, seeing less customers, and having more and more former workers speak out against it shows that our actions are effective.

As long as we keep up the pressure and tell the truth about Planned Parenthood, it will not be able to survive.