Calling on God to Close Planned Parenthood
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Those who fight Planned Parenthood know that we do so as God’s soldiers. We are not foolish enough to think that we, mere mortals, can ever defeat the satanic organization that is Planned Parenthood.

If we ever doubted this, what happened in the battle against Planned Parenthood when American Life League developed its “Bringing Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary” campaign in 2009 was proof positive. Immediately after implementing the campaign, Planned Parenthood facilities began closing at a breathtaking pace.

From 1995 through 2008 Planned Parenthood went from 938 clinics down to 844 clinics—an average of seven clinic closings a year. Then, from 2008 to 2017 the clinic number fell from 844 to 597—an average of 27 clinic closings a year. Clearly, when we make overt efforts to ask God to close Planned Parenthood, He responds.

This Lent saw more of these efforts to call upon God, including 40 Days for Life, who reported record participation this year and will announce the inspiring results of its 2018 efforts in a webcast on April 10.

In addition, many Catholic dioceses conducted special events during Holy Week. In Lincoln, Nebraska, Bishop James Conley led a Eucharistic procession around the Planned Parenthood abortion center on Tuesday, March 27. LifeSiteNews reported that “choir students from St. Pius X High School in Lincoln led the crowd in singing the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Aerial photos show a massive crowd that filled the street and eventually spilled onto the sidewalks in front of Planned Parenthood.” On Good Friday, Bishop Conley returned to the Planned Parenthood abortion facility and led Catholics in praying the Stations of the Cross outside the facility.

On Good Friday, many pro-lifers across the country prayed outside abortion facilities. In Baltimore, Maryland, Archbishop William Lori led a prayer walk from the St. Alphonsus Church to Planned Parenthood. He told LifeSiteNews: “Here in the Archdiocese of Baltimore each year, we mark this solemn day by participating in the Way of the Cross.”

When we turn to God with action and prayer, Planned Parenthood diminishes in physical size, loses customers, and continues its decline into oblivion. Let us continue to pray unceasingly for the demise of this evil organization.