Victory in Minnesota
This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2018-05-09

Pro-lifers and students in Minnesota scored a major victory when the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities canceled plans to partner with Planned Parenthood on abortion training.

As reported by Campus Reform, UMN–Twin Cities recently announced plans to hire for a “Reproductive Rights Advocacy Fellowship,” a one-year medical fellowship that would recruit a doctor to “spend one year as a ‘trainer in training,’ learning to perform abortion and related procedures.” That position would have required the new hire to spend at “least 20 days at a high volume abortion site [Planned Parenthood], getting training and becoming a trainer.”

As the controversy over the RRAF erupted, Campus Reform reported that Bulldog Students for Life, the pro-life club at UMN-Duluth, mobilized to make public the university’s plans and to rally opposition. The club president, Noah Maldonado, issued a statement that said:

Abortion should be unthinkable, and to see the University of Minnesota embrace the pro-abortion throwaway culture raises many questions. What are the University’s motives in supporting this industry? If they are caving to the abortion lobby now, what else is in store? We don’t know at this point, but what we do know is our tuition dollars are supporting an institution that does not only disregard the fundamental dignity of every human life but is hell-bent on destroying it.

Just this week, the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities announced it has scrapped its plans to hire a "trainer in training" for future abortionists after sparking widespread student condemnation. "We have pulled the position from the web site and are no longer hiring for this role,” wrote Jakub Tolar, dean of the UM Medical School, in a statement to Campus Reform on Monday. “We will examine the value of this training in the context of our mission along with the values of the community.”

This victory, along with many others reported over the years in these pages, demonstrates what can be done if pro-lifers take action as the culture of death tries to spread its tentacles all across the country. We must never stay quiet. We must speak up and we must be public about our outrage at baby killing.

When we are silent, Planned Parenthood wins. But, when we shout from the rooftops and add action to our words, the culture of life defeats the purveyors of death.