This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2018-06-06

Planned Parenthood clearly recognizes that its biggest political foe is President Donald Trump. Although its operatives in the US Senate have bottled up legislation that would take away all of its federal money, Trump is doing what he can with executive orders and HHS regulations.

We have witnessed a large number of political campaign ads by Planned Parenthood-supported candidates in numerous states in the ongoing primaries. A majority of these ads are simply taking shots at President Trump and his positions on so-called “women’s issues.”

Planned Parenthood is so focused on Trump and so sure that any candidate who opposes him can win that it has established a new website entitled

According to an article on Campaign Live, is a powerful new tool that includes a timeline of this administration’s disruption to the system as well as research, updates and infographics.       

The campaign, which was kicked off by a billboard takeover in Times Square, New York, took around one month to produce. The duo began working together after Work & Co employees identified Planned Parenthood as one of the top causes they wanted to support following the election of Trump into office.

It comes as Planned Parenthood begins to heavily invest in digital products for the first time in its 100-year history.

A separate article on contains the following quote from Dawn Laguens, executive vice president of both Planned Parenthood Federation of America and Planned Parenthood Action Fund: "You can’t protect your rights if you don’t know they’re being threatened. Knowledge is power—and Tracking Trump empowers people by helping them understand the policies that are stripping away their basic rights. Since taking office, the Trump-Pence administration has pushed policy after policy that strips away our basic health and rights—and they’re hoping you won’t notice until it’s too late."

Clearly, Planned Parenthood is hoping this new website will motivate its supporters and get them to vote for its candidates in November 2018.

WE SUGGEST YOU TURN THE TABLES ON PLANNED PARENTHOOD. After all, Planned Parenthood is documenting all the efforts of the Trump administration to reclaim this country from the grasp of the culture of death. As we see on this site, Planned Parenthood is going spastic about Trump’s efforts to get rid of outrageous sex programs in the schools; block Planned Parenthood funding; end government support for abortion; recognize the humanity of the preborn from the first moment of existence; stop government funding for dangerous birth control; stop providing abortions for illegal immigrants; and much, much more.

When reworded and properly understood, is a fantastic documentation of what the Trump administration has already done (and will do) to restore respect for all human beings at all stages of life—born and preborn.

We encourage all pro-life leaders to use PP’s new website to understand how Planned Parenthood sees things and use that information to expand the fight against Planned Parenthood.