Planned Parenthood Federation Seeks New Chief Medical Officer
This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2018-06-06

Most of our readers are aware that Planned Parenthood Federation of America is currently searching for a new president and CEO. But, many are not aware that PPFA is also seeking a new chief medical officer.

Planned Parenthood has hired Chicago-based executive recruitment firm Carrington & Carrington to find its next chief medical officer. Carrington & Carrington specializes in the recruitment and placement of African Americans, Latinos, women, LGBT, and other diverse professionals.

According to a job posting by Carrington & Carrington, here is some of what is needed by Planned Parenthood from the new chief medical officer: "The person who holds the job will be responsible for the overall clinical direction of Planned Parenthood. The individual must have proven ability to lead transformation and to challenge the non-profit beyond its current structure and embody a patient-centered approach to care."

This description reminds us of Planned Parenthood’s efforts in the 1990s to move beyond contraceptives and abortion. It toyed with becoming a full-service healthcare organization. Could that be on the horizon?

According to an article in Hunt Scanlon Media, the candidate will be responsible for a range of duties:

Among other responsibilities, the person who wins the job must also serve as a spokesperson for the organization on medical issues in a variety of venues reaching a range of audiences, including media, video/multimedia content, speaking engagements, conferences, legislative briefings/testimony, written submission and events.

Candidates should have more than ten years of directly-related, progressively responsible experience as a physician with experience in management, project management and supervision. . . . They should also have expert, up-to-date medical knowledge, particularly in health care delivery systems. And they must be a board-certified physician. An ob-gyn is preferred for the job but it is not required. Strong system experience in lieu of currently practicing obstetrics and gynecology is required. A background in primary care, women’s health, population health or public health sector will be considered.

Obviously, Planned Parenthood hopes to find an authority figure to speak out in favor of its business model. We bet, however, that the person it decides to hire will deny firmly established medical facts in order to further PP’s profits. These include the facts that combined birth control pills are Group 1 carcinogens that cause breast, cervical, and liver cancer; there is a link between abortion and breast cancer; and the fact that the lifestyle PP endorses for teens will lead to numerous serious diseases and will kill our children.