Planned Parenthood closes Indiana center
This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2018-07-11

Planned Parenthood closed its center in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and is blaming effective pro-life work for the closure. Of course, Planned Parenthood had to hide its acknowledgement of pro-life work behind claims of “harassment and intimidation.” 

To Planned Parenthood, the work of Allen County Right to Life, Indiana Right to Life, and other area groups were not peaceful efforts to inform the community about Planned Parenthood’s real agenda. Rather, it said the physical presence of the Right to Life groups outside its offices was an effort to intimidate its staff and clients. What really has Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky (PPINK) so upset is how effective the pro-life groups are.

The peaceful prayer and educational efforts resulted in Planned Parenthood in Fort Wayne losing almost half its customers in two years. Christie Gillespie, president and CEO of PPINK, told the Journal Gazette that Fort Wayne had 1,500 unduplicated patients last fiscal year, but that number was almost 3,000 two years ago. She said the numbers have dropped because of the harassment of staff and difficulty to recruit providers to work there. Of course, pro-lifers understand the real reason is because they made Planned Parenthood into a “controversial” organization in town by simply telling the truth about its operations and philosophies.

In addition to the customer loss, the Fort Wayne Center’s landlord is not too happy. When the center’s lease ran out about a year ago, the landlord put them on a month-to-month lease as he attempted to find a less controversial tenant.

When a local commercial real estate company was hired by PPINK to help find a new Fort Wayne location, Cathie Humbarger of Allen County Right to Life posted on Facebook. She urged people to call the company and ask why. “We don’t want our local realtors . . . helping Planned Parenthood," she said. The PPINK CEO revealed the real estate company dropped PPINK as a client three days later.  It appears no other realty company in the area wanted to get involved and PPINK was unable to find another facility.

From educating customers on the truth about Planned Parenthood, to convincing the landlord not to renew a long-term lease, to convincing real estate companies not to get involved in finding Planned Parenthood a new location, the pro-lifers in the Fort Wayne area did an outstanding job. The newspaper article did not identify “all the other pro-life groups” but did mention that Created Equal did launch a campaign to convince Planned Parenthood workers to seek other employment.

The effort in Fort Wayne is a blueprint for how to get a local Planned Parenthood facility to close.

PPINK CEO Gillepsie was angry and said “It’s an awful day for the Fort Wayne community. We will be back stronger.” 

Our guess is that, with all the groundwork done by pro-lifers in Indiana, Planned Parenthood will not be back in Fort Wayne anytime soon. Congratulations to all the peaceful, prayerful pro-lifers in Indiana!