UN releases new Planned Parenthood-inspired sex ed document
This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2018-08-08

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has released a new “International technical guidance on sexuality education” document that is intended to be used in countries all over the world.

This is an update of a 2009 document of the same name. To understand the intent of the document, here is an excerpt from the Foreword:

This revised and fully updated edition of the International technical guidance on sexuality education benefits from a new review of the current evidence, and reaffirms the position of sexuality education within a framework of human rights and gender equality. It promotes structured learning about sex and relationships in a manner that is positive, affirming, and centered on the best interest of the young person. By outlining the essential components of effective sexuality education programmes, the Guidance enables national authorities to design comprehensive curricula that will have a positive impact on young people’s health and well-being.

Like the original Guidance, this revised version is voluntary, based on the latest scientific evidence, and designed to support countries to implement effective sexuality education programmes adapted to their contexts.

We are convinced that if we do not meet young people’s calls for good quality comprehensive sexuality education, we will not achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) we have set for 2030, and the commitment that has been made to leave no one behind. With this in mind, we are committed to supporting countries to apply the Guidance, and hope that teachers, health educators, youth development professionals, sexual and reproductive health advocates and youth leaders—among others—will use this resource to help countries to realize young people’s right to education, health and well-being, and to achieve an inclusive and gender equal society.

Just reading these few words from the Foreword of this 139-page document should cause concern among the majority of parents. Classroom sexuality education is always harmful and any effort to push this on any community is wrong. For those who need to understand why classroom sex ed is inherently wrong, we invite you to read A Psychoanalytic Look At Sex Education y Dr. Melvin Anchell, MD.

Despite the dangers of classroom sexuality education, this UN document specifically promotes it as a human right. We know that Planned Parenthood, world-wide, specifically uses Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) to lure unsuspecting children into lives of sexual sin that put not only their health, but also their souls, in danger.

The UN document defines CSE as:

Comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) is a curriculum-based process of teaching and learning about the cognitive, emotional, physical and social aspects of sexuality. It aims to equip children and young people with knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that will empower them to: realize their health, well-being and dignity; develop respectful social and sexual relationships; consider how their choices affect their own well-being and that of others; and, understand and ensure the protection of their rights throughout their lives.

So, this CSE guidance has the objective to: “… equip children and young people with … values that will empower them to … develop … sexual relationships …”. You can bet the values that will be taught to your children will not be those of a Christian society. It will, in fact, be the values enshrined by the world humanists and documented in Humanist Manifesto II.

Why? Because, as the forward states, these people believe that without CSE, they cannot “achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) we have set for 2030.” It’s really not about the children; they will be just pawns in a bigger sinister effort.

To give a full critique of this UN document is beyond the scope of this newsletter, but we want to make you aware of the document and its danger. When we become aware of a full critique being available, we will bring it to you in a future Wednesday STOPP Report. So, stay tuned.