Planned Parenthood spending millions to stop Kavanaugh
This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2018-09-12

With the Senate Judiciary Hearings over, Planned Parenthood is increasingly worried that Judge Kavanaugh might be confirmed. Political ran a 1,100 word article describing the panic among abortion supporters as it seems Kavanaugh, by his performance at the hearings, may have changed the minds of a couple of Democrats. That is all he needs to get confirmed.

Some highlights from the article are:

  • Brett Kavanaugh avoided glaring missteps—and most tough Democratic questions—at his confirmation hearings. But that’s not stopping the Supreme Court nominee’s liberal critics from unleashing new ads and grass-roots campaigns in one last shot at derailing him.

Their goal is to keep pressure on the dwindling number of senators still undecided on President Donald Trump’s high-court pick. Abortion-rights groups are playing a key role: Planned Parenthood Action Fund is unleashing a new six-figure ad-buy in Maine urging GOP Senator Susan Collins to vote no, while NARAL Pro-Choice America is up with new ads hitting Senator Dean Heller (R-Nevada), an early Kavanaugh backer fighting for his political life in a swing state.

  • Mary Kay Henry, president of the Service Employees International Union, told POLITICO that organized labor plans to try to elevate Kavanaugh to the same level of political toxicity that Obamacare repeal ended up achieving on the left.

“We are going to organize the three votes that are required to block this nomination. It’s wrong for the country,” Henry told the “Women Rule” podcast for an interview to be released Wednesday.

  • A chamber divided 51-49 means that Democrats must win over Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) while keeping their entire caucus united against Kavanaugh. It’s an outcome that Republicans and their allies are notably bullish about preventing.
  • Meanwhile, several crucial Democratic swing-vote senators are still working to schedule meetings with the nominee.

What the POLITICO article points out is that the vote on Kavanaugh is still very close. Both sides think they can get the votes they need. It makes it even more important for pro-lifers to call their senators and support Judge Kavanaugh. You can find the names of your senators and contact information at