Planned Parenthood opening in El Paso, TX
This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2018-10-10

Back in March, the Dallas News broke the story, that Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas received an anonymous donation of $9 million to open abortion facilities in “West Texas.” Planned Parenthood stated at the time that the $9 million, along with an additional $1 million donation, would allow them to open two new facilities. Planned Parenthood did not name the cities in which it was interested.

As a result, five West Texas cities invited ALL’s Jim Sedlak to visit and help them put together a strategy to keep out Planned Parenthood. All of the cities (Midland, Odessa, Lubbock, Abilene, and San Angelo) were experienced in fighting Planned Parenthood and had seen PP locations close in their area in recent years. All five cities began concerted efforts to let Planned Parenthood know they were not wanted. In addition to those cities, both El Paso and Amarillo were identified as possible target for PP facilities—as both had been home previously to multiple Planned Parenthood offices and neither currently had a Planned Parenthood facility within 250 miles.

Now comes word that Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas is opening a facility in El Paso this month. To expedite its opening, Planned Parenthood will locate itself at the site of the former Reproductive Services operation at 1511 E. Missouri Ave. in Central El Paso. Planned Parenthood announced that it expects to build a new building in El Paso next year. We expect that it will follow the Planned Parenthood Experience designs of buildings Planned Parenthood has opened around the country in recent years.

Bishop Mark J. Seitz of the Roman Catholic Diocese of El Paso issued a statement opposing Planned Parenthood’s return to El Paso. In the statement, Bishop Seitz did not only oppose Planned Parenthood’s abortion business, but wrote, “The related services which they do offer should concern especially parents from our region as Planned Parenthood will enter our schools and teach our children from a young age a morality that is contrary to that held by the majority of our families.” 

We’ve talked with the pro-life groups in El Paso and they’ve already begun the fight against Planned Parenthood. STOPP was involved with the efforts to get PP out of El Paso in the 1990s and 2000s, and we will be involved again as Planned Parenthood seeks to destroy more babies and rob the souls of more teenagers.