Planned Parenthood's horrible week---loses in California, Tennessee, Missouri, and Washington, DC
This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2018-10-10

The folks at Planned Parenthood run the largest abortion chain in the nation. They operate 32 percent of all the surgical abortion centers and 89 percent of all the medical abortion centers in the nation. That one organization commits 35 percent of all medical and surgical abortions in America.

Planned Parenthood is the target of most pro-life groups in the country, and this week the “good guys” saw major victories.

First up, on Sunday, September 30, Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a bill (SB 320) that Planned Parenthood in California had worked very hard to get through the legislature. The bill required that health centers on every one of the 33 state-run university campuses had to stock medical abortion drugs and provide them free to any student who wanted an abortion. California already has about 150 medical and surgical abortion centers (60 percent operated by Planned Parenthood). In his veto message, Governor Brown stated that, since there are so many abortion facilities already, this bill, to establish more, was not needed. Of course, there will never be enough abortion centers as far as Planned Parenthood is concerned.

On Monday, October 1, the focus shifted to Tennessee when the United States Supreme Court declined to hear Planned Parenthood’s challenge to a Tennessee voter-approved constitutional amendment that allowed the state to put restrictions on abortion. The Tennessean reported that Monday’s action by SCOTUS “ends the long-running legal battle to overturn the measure approved by 53 percent of voters in one of the most contentious and expensive ballot fights in state history. The measure added language to the state’s constitution that said: ‘Nothing in this Constitution secures or protects a right to abortion.’” Clearly, Planned Parenthood is not happy that its four-year battle failed and Tennessee can protect babies and their mothers.

Then, on Tuesday, October 2, Planned Parenthood in Columbia, Missouri, had to cancel all abortions scheduled for the next day, October 3, at the facility. Planned Parenthood had scheduled the abortions, hopeful that a judge would issue an injunction to prevent a Missouri law from taking effect. The law requires every abortionist to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of the abortion facility. The judge did not do that because, in addition to that law preventing abortions without the admitting privleges, the Columbia facility had numerous uncorrected health code violations and the facility’s abortion license expired on October 1. As a result, Planned Parenthood had to stop doing abortions in Columbia. As we write this, there is only one abortion center still open in the state; that is Planned Parenthood’s center in St. Louis. (Please read that again. Planned Parenthood had scheduled abortions, even though its facility did not have an abortion license. That alone should tell you a lot about the chutzpah of this New York-based organization.)

Of course, on Friday, October 5, the United States Senate voted 51-49 to end all discussion on the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh and to move forward with a vote after a 30-hour waiting period. Then, on Saturday afternoon, the United States Senate confirmed (50-48*) Judge Brett Kavanaugh as the next Associate Justice of the Supreme Court and he took his place as a Justice of the Supreme Court on Saturday night.

And so ended a bad week for Planned Parenthood. Any week that is bad for the nation’s largest abortion chain is always a good week for the babies. May Planned Parenthood have many more weeks like this.

*The 50-48 vote on Saturday was one of the only civilized occurrences during the last weeks of the confirmation hearings. Republican Senator Steve Daines of Montana, who voted “yes” for Kavanaugh on Friday, needed to be in Montana on Saturday to walk his daughter down the aisle at her wedding. He said he would have a plane waiting to fly him back to DC after the ceremony, if needed. In a show of graciousness, Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, who voted “no” on Friday against Kavanaugh, said that she would vote “present” on Saturday so that Daines could stay in Montana for his daughter’s wedding. The result was a vote of 50-48 instead of 51-49. Kavanaugh was still confirmed by 2 votes.

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