El Paso gearing up as Planned Parenthood moves in
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I am writing this Wednesday STOPP Report from a hotel room in El Paso, Texas. Just a couple of weeks ago, in a surprise move, Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas announced it was opening a new abortion center in El Paso. Planned Parenthood had several clinics in the city between 1937 and 2009. Then, one weekend in 2009, it suddenly closed all of its clinics and left town. In addition to the constant efforts by pro-lifers, Planned Parenthood closed amid financial irregularities. Leaving town, still owing local merchants at least half-a-million dollars. After an audit, the state of Texas determined that Planned Parenthood had received reimbursement from the state for contractor payments that it never made to the contractors.

Now, after a nine-year absence, another affiliate of PPFA, Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas, suddenly opened a temporary center and announced plans to build a new abortion facility in the city in 2019. It is clear that Planned Parenthood sees this new facility as a regional abortuary. Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains is already writing about sending women from its southern New Mexico centers to El Paso for abortions. There are even plans being discussed to have women from Juarez, Mexico, travel to El Paso to kill their children.

This Planned Parenthood announcement was made on the same day that the pro-life community in El Paso had a ribbon-cutting event on a new Guiding Star women’s healthcare facility, a facility designed to provide a full range of holistic services to women. Guiding Star will provide all the services (and more) to women that Planned Parenthood provides—with the exception of abortion and artificial birth control.

Immediately after the Planned Parenthood announcement, Mark Cavaliere, executive director of the Southwest Coalition for Life, sprang into action. Pro-lifers in El Paso were already actively fighting the Hilltop abortion facility and conducting a very effective 40 Days For Life. Mark gathered a steering committee to fight Planned Parenthood and invited me to come to El Paso to conduct training sessions on how to fight Planned Parenthood. Within a week, I was on a plane to El Paso and spent five days doing just that.

With Mark and Nydia Correa, executive director of Guiding Star, leading the way, we had an initial strategy meeting, met with Catholic Bishop Mark Seitz, recorded two 30-minute radio shows plus another 10-minute spot for The Bridge 1150 AM, spent hours discussing strategy with members of the steering committee, did an interview with the editor of Presencia (a diocesan newspaper in Juarez, Mexico), met with members of the mayor’s office, and ended the trip delivering a town-hall presentation to a capacity crowd.

The energy level of all the people I met was amazing. They are ready to take on the fight against Planned Parenthood and win. I predict that Planned Parenthood will regret the day it decided to take on the citizens of El Paso. These wonderful folks are determined to peacefully and prayerfully protect their preborn children from the abortionists. They are also ready to defend their teenagers from the efforts of Planned Parenthood to lead them into lives of sexual sin.

El Pasoans have just one objective—to see Planned Parenthood close its doors and get out of town! Again!