PP closing in Wilkes-Barre
This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2018-11-07

Planned Parenthood has its tentacles all across the United States and is always trying to get something for nothing. It recently got the city of Austin, Texas, to rent it clinic space for the next 20 years at a cost to Planned Parenthood of $1 a year. Local pro-lifers are outraged.

Planned Parenthood, however, has run into trouble in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

The PA Family Council reported last week that the Kirby Health Center informed Planned Parenthood Wilkes-Barre that its lease would not be renewed at the end of the year.

The Family Council described Planned Parenthood Wilkes-Barre as a “feeder clinic”—aborting babies via morning-after pills while making referrals to other facilities for other methods of abortion. Planned Parenthood runs 14 feeder clinics, along with 10 full-abortion sites in Pennsylvania.

They also described Planned Parenthood as “the largest abortion enterprise in the state. It has proven their model is centered on abortion services by closing eleven of their ‘feeder clinics’ since 2013. One surgical abortion site has also closed during that span—their former Easton location, which performed the least number of abortions for their Pennsylvania sites.”

According to the PA Family Council, there was no reason given by the Kirby Health Center for not renewing the lease, but we suspect that the health center sees Planned Parenthood’s declining business in the state and observed that, as the PA Family Council pointed out, “Planned Parenthood is a political operation, reportedly spending a whopping $2.5 million on the 2018 elections in Pennsylvania. They also continue to receive millions from Pennsylvania taxpayers every year that helps maintain their status as the largest abortion provider in the Commonwealth.”

Planned Parenthood, who was at the Kirby Center for a reported 80 years, says it is looking for additional space in Wilkes-Barre. We pray it will not find anything and will just close its doors and get out of town.

Congratulations to pro-lifers in Wilkes-Barre and throughout Pennsylvania for all you do to fight Planned Parenthood and save babies.