Fighting Planned Parenthood with OLG
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Today, December 12, in the Catholic Church, is the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The image of Our Lady of Guadalupe played a major role in one of the most successful efforts against Planned Parenthood in the United States. In 1997, Bishop John Yanta was installed as the new bishop of Amarillo, Texas. A strong pro-life bishop, he was upset when he found that he had 19 Planned Parenthood clinics in his diocese. Among his goals for the diocese was the closing of all the Planned Parenthoods. He gave Rita Diller the task of coordinating the effort and we, at STOPP, worked closely with the bishop and Rita.

From our perspective, this effort in Amarillo was one of the most dedicated and successful efforts we have witnessed. We encourage you to read this description ofsome of the successful efforts against Planned Parenthood in Amarillo. After 12 years, there were no Planned Parenthood facilities in the entire diocese.

One particular experience has remained with us and it is about the role of an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Rita Diller has written extensively about this and the following passage is excerpted from a Celebrate Life Magazinearticle:

In Amarillo, we discovered that a PP worker quit her job because she thought the image of Our Lady was following her. She said that she became very uncomfortable when “that woman kept showing up with an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.” She was Catholic and couldn’t stand the consternation that it caused her to be working at PP with Our Lady watching. She transferred to another facility but, again, couldn’t escape her gaze. “She started showing up there with Our Lady of Guadalupe, too,” she said. Unable to continue working for an entity that she knew was so opposed to God’s will, she finally quit.

After Bishop Yanta and Rita got rid of Planned Parenthood in Amarillo, Rita came to work for STOPP and was influential in closing Planned Parenthood all across the country. Based on her work in Amarillo, STOPP began an effort, Bringing Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary, which was tremendously effective in closing Planned Parenthood facilities. We used the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, along with two other Marian images, to bring Jesus to Planned Parenthood, and hundreds of its facilities have permanently closed. Bishop Yanta helped us compose two prayersspecifically to call for the closure of Planned Parenthood.

On this feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe—Patroness of the Americas and Patroness of the Pro-Life Movement—we invite all those who oppose Planned Parenthood to call on Mary and Jesus to end the bloody reign of the nation’s largest abortion chain. The fight against Planned Parenthood is a spiritual one and the most effective groups and communities in this fight are the ones who understand that Planned Parenthood cannot be closed down without the help of God.