Preview of our 2018 Planned Parenthood Facilities Report
This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2019-01-09

At the end of every year, American Life League’s STOPP International program issues a detailed report on the state of all Planned Parenthood medical facilities in the United States. We have finished the data collection and preliminary analysis of the 2018 report and will be releasing it to the public within the next 10 days. As subscribers to the Wednesday STOPP Report, we bring you advanced information on what will be in the report.

First, we are happy to report that, for the last 13 years in a row (including 2018), Planned Parenthood ended the year with fewer physical facilities than at the beginning of the year. This year, Planned Parenthood closed 11 separate clinics in a total of 11 states. This demonstrates that the effective battle against Planned Parenthood is spread all over the country and not consolidated in just one or two areas. The 11 states that saw Planned Parenthood closures were: AZ (Tucson), CA (Napa), CT (New Britain), FL (Orlando), IA (Bettendorf), IN (Fort Wayne), MI (Livonia), NJ (Ewing), NY (Niagara Falls/Wheaton), OK (Warr Acres), and OR (Cottage Grove).

We are also happy to report that, for the second year in a row, Planned Parenthood operates no medical facilities in North Dakota or Wyoming.

The total number of Planned Parenthood medical facilities in the United States is 590. That is 348 less than it was in 1995. Of course, it is the hard work and prayers of all of you reading this WSR that brought about the tremendous drop in Planned Parenthood locations. The drop in Planned Parenthood locations is a major contributing factor in the continuing drop in the number of surgical and medication abortions in the United States. It is estimated that 51,852 preborn lives will be saved in the country in 2019 just due to the closing of these 348 Planned Parenthood facilities.

Planned Parenthood continued its focus on abortion in 2018. Although it closed 11 facilities, the number of its clinics that commit surgical or medical abortions rose by four to a total of 360. This means that Planned Parenthood commits these abortions at six of every 10 of its facilities. Because of sheer numbers, we have always maintained that Planned Parenthood operates the largest abortion chain in the nation. In 2018, due to the closure of many independent abortions facilities, Planned Parenthood actually operates more surgical and medication abortion facilities than the combined total of all other abortion mills in the country.

So, while we thank God for the many victories we’ve witnessed and the falling number of Planned Parenthood locations, we know that there is much work ahead of us. There are still 590 Planned Parenthood locations out there and our objective is to close down every one of them.

The full 2018 Planned Parenthood Facilities Report will be out next week and we hope you will get your free copy from our website as soon as it is available. We look forward to working with all of you in 2019 to close even more of the Planned Parenthood killing centers.