UNPLANNED--How did it do?
This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2019-04-03

A large number of people went to see the UNPLANNED film last weekend—its opening weekend. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie was in 1,059 theaters and came in fifth among all movies being shown in theaters. It had a gross income of $6.1 million. This is a fantastic number, given the relatively small number of theaters screening the film. The totals were undoubtedly helped by the many groups around the country who filled all the seats in theaters with their supporters.

According to Hollywood insiders, it is normal for an independent film to see a number of theaters drop the film after the first week. Not this film. According to published reports, UNPLANNED will be seen in 1,700 theaters this coming weekend. That is a 60 percent increase in the number of theaters showing the movie. Fantastic!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the top theater in ticket sales for the film was “the AMC Northpark 15 in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, followed by cinemas in St. Louis; Detroit; Wichita, Kansas; Temecula in Southern California's Riverside County; Salt Lake City; Orange County, California; Kansas City; Odessa, Texas; and Nashville.” It appears it is the attendance by people in relatively small cities across the nation that has propelled the film to its initial success.

All of this success happened despite the fact that the Motion Picture Association gave it an “R” rating, most media outlets refused to air paid commercials for the movie, and Twitter suspended, then reinstated, the Twitter page for the movie just as the weekend began.

Twitter said the suspension was an error, but The Epoch Times reported that “ Many users saw the phenomenon as Twitter’s way to intentionally suppress the movie, which the company denied, but the uproar helped to propel the movie to online prominence. Its account grew from less than 6,000 followers in the early hours of March 29 to more than 320,000 followers in the late morning of April 2.” The article noted that UNPLANNED had more followers than the main account of Planned Parenthood Federation of America—which had less than 260,000 followers on April 2.


Clearly, UNPLANNED had a tremendous opening weekend. Many groups are already scheduling theater nights for this week to fill as many theaters as possible and keep the momentum going. Visit the film’s website to find theaters near you.