A new list of demands from Planned Parenthood and 77 of its friends
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Planned Parenthood Federation of America and 77 other pro-abortion groups have issued a new document, the Blueprint for Sexual and Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice.

The 114-page document has many demands to liberalize sex, condone all forms of sexual deviancy, and support the killing of preborn human beings in the United States and around the globe. Of course, at the heart of the entire document, is the demand that killing preborn babies must be applauded and access expanded. Indeed, the word “abortion” is positively mentioned 244 times in this 114-page document. 

One of the startling, but not surprising, parts of the document is the insistence that all judges MUST support and advocate for abortion—truly a “litmus test” for judges. In fact, this document tries to tell all branches of the United States government—executive, legislative, and judicial— exactly how they must support the killing of preborn babies: 

On page 12, the pro-abortion community insists “the Legislative and Executive Branches must select judges that support abortion: 

“The President must only consider and the Senate must only confirm judicial nominees who either have a positive record on reproductive health, rights and justice or in the context of the confirmation process, affirmatively declare that the Constitution protects individual liberty, equal protection of the law, and the right of all people to make personal decisions about their bodies and personal relationships, including the right to use contraception, have an abortion . . .”

“. . . Judicial nominees to the Supreme Court and the lower courts must demonstrate a commitment to justice, civil rights, equal rights, individual liberties, and the fundamental constitutional rights of equal protection, dignity, and privacy, including the right to have an abortion.”  

Also on pages 12 and 13, this litmus test for judges is extended to every member of the executive branch of the United States government as it states: “The President must only put forward and the Senate must only confirm executive nominees who have a demonstrated positive record on reproductive health, rights, and justice . . . Federal agencies are charged with implementing and enforcing crucial legal protections . . . protections for access to comprehensive reproductive health care, including abortion access for all who need it, including for immigrants and those who are undocumented . . . Senators must thoroughly question executive and judicial nominees regarding their qualifications and commitment to reproductive health, rights, and justice . . . Senators must exercise their right to question nominees about their . . . ability to uphold our constitutional rights, including the right to have an abortion.”

This document also calls for major changes in United States law to make the killing of children even more readily available than it is today. In general, throughout the document, Planned Parenthood and Friends are demanding:

  • No abortion restrictions: (make abortion totally legal—even DIY abortions)—It demands decriminalization of "self-managed abortions" (Page 5), which "may include the use of medication abortion pills, traditional herbs, or other means to end a pregnancy" (Page 38). They demand that Congress pass a federal law that will "prevent state abortion bans and medically unnecessary restrictions" on abortion. (Page 114)
  • No parental consent laws: It proclaims “young people deserve the right to access all sexual and reproductive health services—including but not limited to abortion." (Page 66)
  • More taxpayer-funded abortions: On page 5, and eight more times in the document, pro-aborts demand: repeal of Hyde Amendment—“everyone must have abortion coverage” and repeal of the Helms Amendment that "unjustly restricts federal global funding from covering abortion.”
  • No conscience protections: It further demands elimination of First Amendment conscience protections from health care providers. “Ensure that hospitals and other health facilities do not refuse appropriate reproductive health-care services, information and referrals, regardless of their religious affiliation" (Page 65), and eliminate the HHS Office of Conscience and Religious Freedom because it "carries out discriminatory policies." (Page 62)

Planned Parenthood believes it has the right to issue political demands such as these precisely because Planned Parenthood is a political organization. This is NOT about healthcare. It is all about the fact that Planned Parenthood pours millions of dollars into political campaigns and, once its selected people are in office, has no hesitation in demanding the elected officials produce legislation that allows Planned Parenthood to kill as many babies as possible.