Planned Parenthood Comings and Goings
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Updates in Indiana, California, and Ohio this week!


Fort Wayne, IN, center—After merging with Planned Parenthood of the Greater Northwest and Hawaiian Islands earlier this year, Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky received almost one million dollars in cash. As a result, it has increased employee salaries, hired new employees, and, just this week, announced the reopening of its medical center in Fort Wayne. The center is located at 2930 Lake Avenue and local pro-lifers are already out in force protesting at the new site. 

Compton, CA, center—True to its nature, Planned Parenthood opened a new abortion center in Compton, a city with a high Black and minority population. Planned Parenthood cited the “poor people” in the area as “needing” its services. From its beginnings, Planned Parenthood has maintained that communities are poor because they have too many children. It tries to convince local residents that, if they would stop having children, they would get out of poverty. To this end, Planned Parenthood announced it would include Medical Abortions among its list of “services” at the Compton site. The center is located at 4402 East Compton Blvd., Suite #104.


Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio Region announced this week that it is closing two centers in Cincinnati, Ohio, onSeptember 20, 2019. The centers are;

  • Springdale (Jean K. Spritz Center) located at 290 Northland Blvd.45246  
  • Western Hills (Mary M. Yeiser Center) located at 2016 Ferguson Road 45211 

For more information on these closings, see our article, Planned Parenthood closing two Ohio centers, in this issue of the Wednesday STOPP Report.