Planned Parenthood closing two Ohio centers
This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2019-09-11

Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio Region (PPSWOR) announced this week that it is closing two clinics in the Cincinnati suburbs. 

Kersha Deibel, president and CEO of PPSWOR, issued a statementto ABCNews saying, “These closures are the result of years of attacks on our ability to provide reproductive health care. Ohio politicians have passed 22 anti-reproductive health measures in recent years, including a defunding bill that went into effect earlier this year. Then came the changes to the Title X program, from an administration that has made it clear that it wants to force out trusted health centers that provide evidence-based, comprehensive reproductive health care. These layered attacks in a hostile environment forced us to make some really tough decisions."

While Planned Parenthood is crying that these closing are a devastating blow, the facts are that Planned Parenthood had seven centers in the Cincinnati area and these closures mean it still has five left. In addition, as was pointed out by MRCTV, “While Planned Parenthood claims the closings will leave countless Ohio women without health care, a quick search on Google maps shows more than a dozen pregnancy-related health centers—many of them offering free services through faith-based groups—scattered throughout the immediate area.”

Having been forced to close these centers because they are no longer profitable, Planned Parenthood is using it as a convenient battle cry against any politician who does not toe the line. We would not be surprised to see Planned Parenthood-paid protestors carrying “Remember Cincinnati” signs in future protests.

The facts are that pro-lifers in Ohio have done a great job fighting Planned Parenthood in the streets and in the state legislature. STOPP received a note from Citizens for Community Values in Columbus emphasizing that “Because of the pro-life leadership of people like President Donald Trump, Governor Mike Dewine, Speaker of the House Larry Householder, and Senate President Larry Obhof, two more deceptive and dangerous Planned Parenthoods can no longer harm women and children. Instead of Ohio taxpayer dollars flowing to the abortion industry, now more funds can go to clinics that actually help women and low-income families. In fact, there are 378 Federally Qualified Health Centers in Ohio that provide an entire host of medical care to families, without also pushing harmful and deadly abortion.”

The HILL reports that “Republican legislators in Ohio cut about $600,000 in state funding to Planned Parenthood this year after . . . The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in March upheld a 2016 Ohio law banning preventive health funding from going to organizations that perform or promote abortions.”

Ohio Right to Life’s Mike Gonidakis said, in an official statement from Ohio Right to Life: “Today’s announcement is more encouraging news that Ohio women are simply walking away from Planned Parenthood and securing real healthcare elsewhere. Planned Parenthood’s abrupt closure of these facilities comes right after their recent refusal to comply with Title X requirements, a move that revealed their number one priority: protect their abortion business at all costs. It’s obvious that Planned Parenthood needs women more than women need them. With other options outnumbering Planned Parenthood 17 to 1, Ohio’s healthcare community stands ready to support all women in the greater Cincinnati area."

Congratulations to the numerous opponents of Planned Parenthood in Ohio. For many years, you have been fighting the nation’s largest abortion chain with creative ideas and persistence. We know that you will continue your inspiring work until Ohio, like Wyoming and North Dakota, becomes a Planned Parenthood-free state.