Planned Parenthood Mega Abortion Centers--4 more this year
This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2019-10-09

Last week, Planned Parenthood announced the opening of an 18,000 square foot abortion facility in Fairview Heights, Illinois. This is Planned Parenthood’s 29thmega abortion center and was built in secret—as was its second mega abortion center in Aurora, Illinois, in 2007. Planned Parenthood actually builds a number of its centers in secret to avoid public disapproval before it opens.

By our definition, a mega abortion center is one that is at least 10,000 square feet and kills preborn human beings through surgical and/or medical abortions. Planned Parenthood’s first mega abortion center was built in Austin, Texas, in 2004. Its largest is a 78,000 square foot former bank building that it bought in Houston, Texas, in 2010. It currently operates 29 such centers in 17 states, with the 30thscheduled to open in Birmingham (AL) before the end of the year. Planned Parenthood has also announced its plans to open at least two more in 2020—a 15,000 square foot facility at 1522 Bush Street in San Francisco (CA) and a 29,000 square foot facility at 1522 Lagoon Avenue in Minneapolis (MN). Since PP already operates a 46,000 square foot mega abortion center in St. Paul (MN), it seems clear that the Twin Cities are being targeted by the abortion giant.

Opening abortion mega centers was all the rage for Planned Parenthood in 2009-2011 but lost its popularity until this year. This increase could be caused by the polarization of states’ positions on abortion and may also be tied in to the “Planned Parenthood Experience” through which it is trying to upscale and beautify all of its clinics.

In any case, the growth of these mega abortion centers is not good for the babies and not good for our sons and daughters—as Planned Parenthood tries to sexualize them to fill the abortion quotas at these mega abortion centers.

Here is our current list of Planned Parenthood mega abortion centers, their size, and the year Planned Parenthood put them in service:

List of 30 PP abortion centers that are at least 10,000 square feet(updated 10/02/19)


Austin, Texas                  10,500 sq. ft.         2004
Aurora, Illinois               22,000 sq. ft.         2007
Schenectady, New York          18,000 sq. ft.         2007
Denver, Colorado               52,000 sq. ft.         2008
Sarasota, Florida              23,000 sq. ft.         2009
Santa Ana, California          14,000 sq. ft.         2009
Kalamazoo, Michigan            12,000 sq. ft.         2009
Fayetteville, North Carolina   11,000 sq. ft.         2009
Portland, Oregon               42,000 sq. ft.         2010
Houston, Texas                 78,000 sq. ft.         2010
Virginia Beach, Virginia       13,000 sq. ft.         2010
Memphis, Tennessee             30,000 sq. ft.         2010
Albany, New York               18,000 sq. ft.         2010
Colorado Springs, Colorado     11,500 sq. ft.         2010
Worcester, Massachusetts       11,000 sq. ft.         2011
St. Paul, Minnesota            46,000 sq. ft.         2011
Omaha, Nebraska                27,200 sq. ft.         2011
Lincoln, Nebraska              18,000 sq. ft.         2012
Springfield, Oregon            19,000 sq. ft.         2012
Fort Worth, Texas              19,000 sq. ft.         2013
Dallas, Texas                  17,000 sq. ft.         2014 
San Antonio, Texas             22,000 sq. ft.         2015 
Long Island City, New York     14,400 sq. ft.         2015 
Washington, DC                 24,600 sq. ft.         2016
Providence, Rhode Island       12,000 sq. ft.         2017
Flossmoor, Illinois            11,470 sq. ft.         2018
Honolulu, Hawaii               29,000 sq. ft.         2019
Charlotte, North Carolina      10,620 sq. ft.         2019
Fairview Heights, Illinois     18,000 sq. ft.         2019
Birmingham, Alabama            10,000 sq. ft.         2019 (not open as of 10/9/2019)