Bike for Life protest at Planned Parenthood and IVF lab
This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2019-10-09

The Chicago Tribune reported on October 8 that a Bike for Life race started at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Aurora (IL) and ended with prayers at a Naperville fertility clinic on September 28, 2019. John Zabinski, founder of the bicycling event, which is organized by a local council of the Knights of Columbus, explained to reporters that “When you do IVF, you create a life, but how many lives does it take? When you get this life, what happens to the other babies?”

Participants in the event expressed concern for the fate of frozen embryos inside—particularly those that might be discarded, cryopreserved indefinitely or donated for research—as a result of in vitro fertilization. 

The paper reported that “To Zabinski and his supporters, an embryo is just as worthy of protection as a fetus of any gestational age, based on the moral principle that life begins at conception (creation). He lamented that some anti-abortion leaders ignore or de-emphasize potential consequences of IVF.”

American Life League has always condemned IVF, contraception and abortion as they all result in the death of human beings created by God. We applaud the efforts of the Knights of Columbus, Mr. Zabinski and the Bike for Life participants to remind us that we must end the killing of all innocent human beings, from creation to death.  

Let us all take to heart the following words lifted directly from the Chicago Tribune article:

Under gray skies and a light drizzle, about 16 participants formed a circle along the public right-of-way outside the brick (fertility clinic) building and prayed. “May the eyes of all people be transformed, that they may see each and every human life as a reflection of the glory of God himself.”

“They’re equally important,” Zabinski said. “No matter how microscopic and tiny they are, they are still human embryos. They are still alive, no matter how small they are.”