How parents can fight sex education at their school board.
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Classroom sexuality education programs are very harmful to your children, and parents must protect them. If you are not familiar with the reasons that any classroom sex education is bad, we encourage you to read this article by Dr. Melvin Anchell—A Psychoanalytic Look at Today's Sex Education.

To illustrate what parents can do at the school board, we will continue our look at the situation in California where the California Healthy Youth Act is being implemented this year. If you have not, yet, read the first article in the WSR, please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with it. The items below are specific to the current California situation, but serve as a real-life example of what can be done. You can develop specific actions for your state once you know what your state does or does not require as far as sexuality education is concerned.

Based on the CHYA, here are specific actions parents can take in regards to their local school board:

  1. The state legislature mandated that the school district provide some sexuality education twice in grades 7 through 12. The state did not mandate any sexuality education lower than 7thgrade—although it did give school districts the right to teach it to the younger grades if they want to. Thus, the first action by parents should be to have the school board ban all sexuality education in grades pre-K through 6thgrade.
    1. Under the CHYA, the school board has the authority to do this.
    2. As pointed out in Anchell’s article, these younger grades are the most dangerous time to introduce these programs to children. It will disturb their sexual latency period and harm their ability to learn other subjects.
    3. The discussion should never be about WHICH program or WHAT MATERIAL to teach. Any sexuality education program at these ages is wrong. (This does not preclude human growth and development classes where girls and boys are separated and learn about how their bodies will develop as puberty progresses.) 
    4. If your efforts fail and the school board okays sexuality education in the younger grades, then
      1. Insist on an opt-in program where only children whose parents specifically enrolled them for the classes will be allowed to attend.
      2. Get a vote of the school board so you know who voted for and against harming young students with these sex ed programs.
      3. Run candidates in the next school board election to replace those who voted against your children.
  2. The state legislature only required that its sexuality education program be taught once in junior high and once in senior high.
    1. Insist that the school board follow this limited requirement and do not allow sexuality education programs throughout the six years.
    2. Insist that the courses be run only in 8th grade and 12th grade. This will ensure that the children who take the course will be as old as possible.
    3. The state has mandated a litany of topics that must be covered in the classes. They are described in section 51934 of the CHYA. The legislature did not mandate any specific amount of time that had to be devoted to this. Those who advocate sexuality education for your children will insist that this be a year-long course covering all these topics in excruciating detail.
      1. You should insist that this entire program be covered in a maximum of five classroom sessions (one week), thus limiting the negative impact on the students.
  3. Finally, parents should insist that the school board file the necessary paperwork with the state board of education to request exemption from this program due to the overwhelming opposition by parents in the school district.

For much more detailed information on how parents can fight against these outrageous sexuality education programs, we invite you to read our free resource – Parent Power!!

How Parents Can Gain Control of the School Systems that Educate Their Children
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