How parents can protect their children at their schools
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This is the third article in our special Wednesday STOPP Report. This special report uses the newest California Healthy Youth Act to illustrate what parents can do to protect their children. The first article in this special issue was about finding and reading the actual laws/regulations in your state on what is mandated on teaching sexuality education.

The second article dealt with what decisions you want from your local school board consistent with your state law. This third article is about what you can do in your children’s school to protect them and their friends—again, consistent with your state laws. We will, once again, use California as our example. If you have not, yet, read the first article, “Know your state laws on sex education,” please review that now. 

In California, the California Healthy Youth Act provides specific protections that allow parents (and guardians) to control their children’s exposure to the mandated and offensive sexuality education and HIV prevention programs. Parents must be sure to take advantage of their options. 

  1. The CHYA gives parents the absolute right to excuse their children from the sexuality education and HIV protection instruction programs. But, you must take action. If you do nothing or just verbally tell the school that you do not want your children in the programs, your children will be forced to attend the classes. You must express your desire to have your child excused in writing to the school district
  2. In addition, the CHYA reveals that, in addition to the classroom education, your child will be forced to participate in “anonymous, voluntary, and confidential research and evaluation tools to measure pupils’ health behaviors and risks, including tests, questionnaires, and surveys containing age-appropriate questions about the pupil’s attitudes concerning or practices relating to sex . . .” The law gives you the ability to have your child excused from taking any of these invasive items, but you must express your desire to have your child excused in writing to the school district.


Given the language of the law and our experiences with multiple school districts around the country, we recommend you take the following action now, and at the beginning of each school year.

  1. Send a letter to the school district requesting your child be excused from all sexuality education and HIV instruction.
  2. Send a letter to your school principal with the same request.
  3. Send a second letter to your school district requesting you child be excused from all tests, questionnaires, surveys, or any other methods of evaluation concerning sexuality or HIV.
  4. Send a second letter to your school principal with the same request.

These letters should be sent every year for each student in your family.


In Action Item #1, you took the steps necessary to try to protect your children from these offensive programs. The problem is, of course, that many of your children’s friends will be taking these courses and talking about them. Thus, the second item is to get other parents to do the same thing you are doing. Organize a campaign to have all the children, one-by-one, excused from the program by their parents.

You may think it is impossible for all the parents to opt-out their children, but if you start early and make it well known, momentum may just be on your side. Imagine the eighth grader who goes to his or her mother and says: “All the other kids are not taking that stupid sex course because their parents opted them out. Won’t you take me out, too?” If you were successful at the school board and have the classes limited to just 8thand 12thgrade, you just have to get the parents of those two grades to cooperate. 


Be persistent. There are people in your community and at your schools who are misguided and have been convinced that your children “need” sex education. There are forces in your community, like Planned Parenthood, who stand to make millions of dollars from young people who take the sex ed courses and get involved in a sexual lifestyle. Please understand that Planned Parenthood has a business plan that starts with, and depends upon, indoctrinating your children into the world of sex.

First, it gets to your children through sexuality education programs that, despite lofty claims, have the single purpose to get your children involved in sex. Planned Parenthood makes a tremendous amount of profit on the sale of birth control to kids who have taken its sex ed programs. When the birth control products fail (they all do), a baby is created. Planned Parenthood then sells the kids an abortion to take care of the “failure.” Then, of course, Planned Parenthood sells the organs and other baby body parts to make even more money.

Remember, throughout all of this process, the losers are your children. They are the ones who get drawn into a sinful sexual lifestyle that puts their immortal soul in danger.