Judge in civil trial of Baby Body Parts undercover team is clearly biased
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As I write this, the civil trial of the founders of the Center for Medical Progress and the undercover journalists is now in its sixth week and will most likely go to the jury next week. In this particular case, Planned Parenthood is trying to get the defendants to be ordered to pay possibly millions of dollars in damages and lawyers’ fees it says it incurred because of the videos. 

At STOPP, we routinely review news stories from both pro-life and pro-abortion sources. The reporting on this trial has been particularly biased. Pro-life sources point out each time PP has been forced to admit to illegal acts, and pro-abortion sources are overjoyed whenever a particular pro-life witness has to admit to making a mistake. 

As we read all the reports, this case reminds us of NOW v. Scheidlersome three decades ago where Joe Scheidler was found guilty in a similarly rigged trial and then spent well over 20 years and three trips to the Supreme Court to clear his name and get the verdict overturned. 

This week, Operation Rescue published an update from Harry Mihet of Liberty Counsel (who are handling Sandra Merritt’s defense in this case). Mr. Mihet is not optimistic. Here are some excerpts from his update:

Despite some limited victories last week in presenting some key evidence to the jury, the defense team remains seriously shackled in defending Sandra Merritt and her colleagues against Planned Parenthood’s revenge “baby parts” lawsuit in San Francisco.

The first major handicap we have is the inability to play for the jury the actual videos over which Sandra and her colleagues are being sued.

With one exception (Dr. Nucatola’s “crush below, crush above” 4-minute video), the Jury is still NOT being allowed to see ANY of the HUNDREDS of hours of video evidence obtained by Sandra and her colleagues, which evidence demonstrates beyond any doubt that Planned Parenthood was violating federal laws with its baby parts sale scheme.

. . . A SECOND major handicap imposed on the defense in Planned Parenthood’s revenge baby-parts trial is that we are forbidden from showing the jury the EXTENSIVE evidence that David, Sandra and their colleagues obtained BEFORE the recordings took place about Planned Parenthood’s atrocious crimes in selling baby parts for profit.

. . . And guess what Planned Parenthood’s response to our evidence is? That’s right! They say it’s superficial and unconvincing.

Our hands are tied, and the deck is stacked. 

As bleak as things may look, we all understand that God is in charge. We ask all our readers to pray that the Holy Spirit will enlighten the minds and hearts of the jury in this case and bring about a “not guilty” verdict. For those involved in the Marian Blue Wave, please say an extra Rosary this week and next that the pro-abortion forces be handed a defeat.