Planned Parenthood launched its third new app of the year
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Back in January, Planned Parenthood unveiled Roo, a mobile app designed to hook teens into lives of sexual sin by giving them a private online app to get their questions about sex answered and, of course, to promote masturbation. The sinful activity that we often refer to as “the gateway drug” into Planned Parenthood’s sinful sexual lifestyle—a lifestyle that, if left unchecked, will lead our children to Hell. 

Then, at the beginning of the summer, Planned Parenthood Direct, a mobile app allowing women to obtain prescriptions and order 10 birth control products (all made by a Planned Parenthood spin-off manufacturer) without having to visit a medical facility, began its rollout across the country (it is currently in 27 states). Billboard advertisements for this app have led many anti-Planned Parenthood individuals and groups to begin protests of Lamar Advertising. It is the firm running these Planned Parenthood ads in West Texas. Please use the contact form on Lamar’s website to tell them to stop running Planned Parenthood’s ads.

Planned Parenthood has big plans for its PPDirect app. Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains currently operates in four states (Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada) and its CEO, Vicki Cowart, recently told reporters, “Right now, it’s available for self-pay only – so a credit card is needed. “We are working on getting it connected to insurance, so that lack won’t be an impediment to access. We are working to get it connected to Medicaid – we are working with the state Medicaid and Public Health Departments to expand access.” Of course, just another way for Planned Parenthood to tap into government money.

This week, Planned Parenthood announced its Abortion Care (sic) Finder. Although it is being described as a way for women to find the nearest abortion facility, it will actually tell them only the nearest Planned Parenthood killing center. It will also give them the information they need to schedule an appointment. 

A pro-life woman tried out this app and shared the following report (and questions) with us: 

So I entered in my age as 15, and my LMP as October 1. I tried to screen shot and paste the response here, but it didn't work. Basically, it said "You are 7 weeks pregnant." (How scary for a 15 year old to see that on the screen as how "true" they would think it is). Then "Available options: chemical abortion and in-clinic abortion." Talk about coercive and inaccurate. Is this legal? Could they be sued for providing false medical information without actually having done a pregnancy test? Further confirmation that PP is about lies, horrible treatment of girls, and making money off destroying children - both Mom and baby. What if the 15 year old has an underlying medical issue that's causing amenorrhea?

If you want to see a better map of the location of every Planned Parenthood center in the United States, along with an image identifying the cities in which people all across the country, and around the world, are praying a Rosary a week to close every PP center, you can see it here

As Planned Parenthood is closing physical facilities and losing customers, it clearly hopes that these digital products will help it ensnare unsuspecting youth in its web of deceit. Please use the button below the map to add your name to those that are praying for the end of Planned Parenthood.