Planned Parenthood getting ready for 'at home' abortions
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While doing the research on the story in this WSR about the three Planned Parenthood apps, I came across some interesting and scary comments from two Planned Parenthood officials on how Planned Parenthood is getting ready for a possible world in which abortion is outlawed in some or most states. None of this is shockingly new, but to see that these two people talked about it openly with a newspaper means to us that these plans are being implemented now, and can be used now as a way to kill babies.

The following is a small excerpt from a lengthy story in the Colorado Mountain College newsletter. The main part of the story is about the Planned Parenthood Direct mobile app being rolled out by Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains. The quotes below are from Dr. Julia Kohn, national director of research, evaluation, and data analytics for Planned Parenthood Federation of America and Vicki Cowart, CEO of PPRM. Cowart’s reference to a “Dark State” refers to states that will outlaw abortions.

“As the access to abortion shrinks across the country, telemedicine is one strategy for expanding patients’ access to safe, legal abortion, including for those [women] living in remote or rural areas. At Planned Parenthood, we conduct research and support innovation so we can find new ways to expand people’s access to services and offer the best health care to our patients,” said Dr. Julia Kohn, national director of research, evaluation, and data analytics for Planned Parenthood Federation of America and lead author of a study regarding telemedicine outcomes. 

“This study confirms what we know firsthand: Telemedicine can improve health equity by ensuring that more people have access to the care they need — including abortion — in a timely manner, by reducing the barriers that make it harder for people to get care, including securing transportation, childcare, and time off work.”

Cowart was blunt in her assessment of women’s health care options across the nation. “One of the reasons we are so focused on this rural access is that we are facing a manmade public health crisis – there are threats to Title 10, to Roe v. Wade. Women’s reproductive rights are being threatened in ways we have not seen for decades. … I do want to raise the alarm …  We (expect that in) about 18 months, 25 million women of reproductive age will be living in a dark state – women in this country needing health care; anybody who needs an abortion is going to be on the road.”

Cowart says Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountain’s 24 health centers across its service area represent a great deal of expertise. “We are getting ready for travelers …we’ve seen 800 coming to our health centers that offer abortion. We do provide a two-pill regime overnight via telemedicine as well, with a direct connection to our doctor.”

While we’ve seen many people make an analogy between Planned Parenthood Direct and “online ordering,” that is not what this app is about. Buried beyond the surface is a strong telemedicine component. Because it is primarily about ordering birth control devices that currently require a prescription, the person using the app needs to have interaction with a medical professional. The app does not currently offer the Abortion Pill as a choice in ordering, but expansion into that could happen quickly as long as state laws permit it.

The people fighting Planned Parenthood in West Texas are being very aggressive in this battle and we pray that people in every state will follow their example. Planned Parenthood Direct is a very dangerous mobile app and we hope the quotes included in this short article will motivate you to take up the battle in your state.