Victory in Luverne
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Over the last few weeks, Brian Gibson of Pro-Life Action Ministries has been involved in an effort to save preborn babies by preventing a Planned Parenthood abortion business from operating in the small town of Luverne, Minnesota. Following are excerpts of e-mails we received from Brian as this effort unfolded.

Planned Parenthood North Central States (PPNCS) has medical facilities in South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska. It operates the only abortion mill in South Dakota. It is located in Sioux Falls, in the southeastern part of the state. “The abortion center is staffed by abortionists out of St. Paul, Minnesota. Although the exact reason is not clear, during this pandemic the Sioux Falls abortion center is currently not killing preborn children. According to Sara Beaner, the Sidewalk Advocates for Life Program Director in Sioux Falls, no abortionist has been seen there since late March. The state of South Dakota outlaws telemedicine abortions, so that is not an option.” 

Brian sent an e-mail on April 17 alerting the pro-life community that “PPNCS will begin offering telemedicine abortions in Luverne, Minnesota.  Luverne (population 4,745) is a town in Minnesota (where telemedicine abortions are legal) located about 40 miles east of the PP abortion center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.”  

Brian said that abortions will begin on April 20 and “are being scheduled for Mondays and Thursdays at 114 W. Main St. in Luverne.  According to Google maps, this building houses the Southwest Crisis Center, a domestic and sexual abuse agency and an insurance agency. The abortion client will speak with an abortionist located at the PP headquarters in St. Paul via webcam and then take the first of the two drugs used in the chemical abortion procedure. This drug is meant to kill the baby and then the woman takes the second drug at home up to 48 hours later to expel the baby.” 

Brian then asked all pro-lifers “who live near Luverne to consider praying outside this new abortion location! Your presence can help save lives!” He also asked pro-lifers to “contact Luverne Mayor Patrick Baustian and politely ask why this NON-essential abortion business is allowed to operate in Luverne, with women coming from around the area, including Sioux Falls, a current COVID-19 hotspot.” 

On Monday afternoon, April 20 (the day abortions were supposed to begin), Brian sent this VICTORY e-mail: “We are now confident that Planned Parenthood of North Central States (PPNCS) will not open shop for telemedicine abortions in Luverne, Minnesota. The very good people of Luverne stepped up quickly and placed enough pressure on owners of the building that the lease with PPNCS was “terminated.” The building owner was quoted in a local newspaper: "Planned Parenthood has never operated in our building, isn’t now and won’t in the future." A very interesting way to spin his involvement, but an additional confirmation that he was able to stop the deal with PPNCS.”

Brian included the following warning in his e-mail:

“Look out Southwestern Minnesota and Northwestern Iowa.

“PPNCS, having failed to open up in Luverne, will now be scouring for another location to commit these abortions. State law prohibits telemed abortions in South Dakota, a reason for PPNCS attempting to open up shop in rural Minnesota. I would imagine there is a desire to keep the location within a reasonable driving distance to their Sioux Falls location. Please keep this all in prayer. And if you know people in the area, encourage them to keep a diligent lookout for this possibility in their town. It is far easier to stop Planned Parenthood from coming in than to get them out once established.”

CONGRATULATIONS to Pro-Life Action Ministries, Sidewalk Advocates for Life, and all the pro-life forces in South Dakota and Minnesota for moving swiftly in this critical time to prevent the opening of the new PP abortuary. May God continue to bless your efforts.

As we reflect on this quick and decisive victory, let us not lose sight of what happened. Planned Parenthood big shots sat in their offices at PPNCS and lamented they could not kill pre-born babies in Sioux Falls. They were very disturbed that all of God’s children in South Dakota would have a birthday. So they came up with this scheme of opening a small office in nearby Minnesota for the sole reason of trying to kill as many of these children as possible. And . . . they would have succeeded if they hadn’t run into some of God’s greatest warriors.  

Planned Parenthood must be STOPPed.