The Price is Right gives $97,266 to Planned Parenthood
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You’ve probably heard about “The Price is Right” game show donating almost $100,000 to Planned Parenthood. It did this by having a celebrity guest, RuPaul, and allowing him to pick a charity. He picked Planned Parenthood. We bring you today something we have not seen disclosed anywhere else.

“The Price is Right” program is filled with a large number of products, and contestants are asked to guess their retail prices. The contestant who comes closest to guessing the correct retail price, without going over the actual price, wins that product. In addition, the show contains a great many commercials. Below is a list of the products featured in the RuPaul episode and the products that were advertised on that particular show. 

Although it is not known if the manufacturers or advertisers knew the products/commercials were going to be used on the show featuring donations to Planned Parenthood, it would be a good idea for readers to contact them and make them aware of the situation and ask them to ensure that their products are not part of any future show giving money to Planned Parenthood or any other anti-life organization. 

The following provided products (either free or at reduced cost) used as prizes in the show:

Gucci Luggage

The Reef House Hotels (Australia)

Fujifilm Cameras

Galpin Motors (Mazda)

Danby (Wine Refrigerator)

Jimmy Choo

Pioneer Electronics

Carson Nissan 

Red Rock Casino/Spa (Las Vegas)

Vizio (Television)

Electra Bicycle Company


Lloyd Flanders

Bert’s Mega Mall (The Sea Doo Jet Skis)

Intercontinental Golf Resort & Spa (Fiji)

Plessers Appliance (appliances)

Wolf Gourmet

Turpin Meadow Ranch (Wyoming)

Tuttle-Click Automotive (Dodge)

The following companies/products were also advertised during the show:

OLAY® skin care

GEICO insurance


Brighthouse Financial

DOVE beauty products

Magnum Ice Cream


Messenger Kids

Claritin® allergy

Banana Boat Sunscreen

Tide laundry products

CFP Certified Financial Planners (

Sargento® Food Products

Hyundai cars

Gain laundry products

Downy laundry products



Jimmy Dean® breakfast

Please take note that “The Price Is Right” is an extremely popular show that first aired in 1956 in the United States. The current version of the show began in 1972 and was originally hosted by Bob Barker. Since 2007, Drew Carey has hosted the program. Advertisers and those who provide products to the show expect wholesome family entertainment. When you contact any of them, ask them to let the show know that they are upset about the Planned Parenthood donation and want the situation corrected. 

The program is owned by Fremantle, an international entertainment company headquartered in London, England. Its operations in the United States are handled by FremantleUS. FremantleUS also is responsible for many other shows including “America’s Got Talent” and “Family Feud.” 

You can contact both “The Price Is Right” and FremantleUS by using Facebook. 

  1. “The Price is Right at Night” clip of the RuPaul show is on its Facebook page. You and your family and friends can leave a comment here:
  2. All Facebook users, including family and friends, can also send a direct message to FremantleUS on its Facebook page:

Please be sure to let them know of your outrage.