Federal and State funding of Planned Parenthood
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Federal funding

In a surprise move, the Trump administration has given Planned Parenthood Heartland $2 million over three years for sex education. As The Family Leader points out: “This, despite federal studies that show Planned Parenthood’s sex education programs not only fail to reduce teenage pregnancy, but in five states even increased the number of pregnancies among those subjected to Planned Parenthood’s ‘education.’”

At the beginning of Trump’s term, HHS tried to shut off existing money going to Planned Parenthood for sexuality education. Now, they give it $2 million in new funds. Clearly, the swamp is not, yet, drained.

State funding

A week ago (July 15), The Daily Signal ran a commentary by Andrea Jones (a research assistant in the Richard and Helen DeVos Center for Religion & Civil Society). In her commentary, Jones made note of the current push in Congress for the federal government to provide bailout funds to states that are in economic distress. Jones took note of the states being named as possible recipients of federal bailout money and looked at money those states have given to Planned Parenthood. Using state databases, she found that “over the course of the last four fiscal years states have paid out more than $300 million to Planned Parenthood affiliates. Now, some of the biggest contributors are asking for federal money to cover their non-pandemic-related budget shortfalls. 

Jones documented 10 states, in particular, and provided the total funding of Planned Parenthood in those states over the period from 2016–2019: New York ($115 million); Washington ($64 million); Minnesota ($35 million); Oregon ($22 million); Michigan ($21 million); Maryland ($15 million); Massachusetts ($10 million); Connecticut ($9.9 million); Illinois ($3.1 million) and New Jersey ($1.15 million).

In a very revealing scenario, Jones writes:

“Planned Parenthood chose to stop participating in the Title X program and relinquish all Title X funds rather than comply with the requirement to physically and financially separate its abortion-providing arm from its other services. In order to make up for this loss of funding, California appropriated $100 million in state money for abortion providers. A few short months later, Gov. Gavin Newsom was sounding the alarm about a massive budget shortfall in his state, claiming a federal bailout was the only solution to his state’s fiscal woes.”

Jones provides two observations of particular note:

  1. A federal bailout would represent a massive transfer of funds from states that have been fiscally responsible and have chosen to minimize funding for abortion providers to those that have not.
  2. Bailing out fiscally irresponsible states would not only enable their reckless spending habits and discourage them from changing their behavior, it could also result in even more taxpayer dollars being funneled to an already well-funded organization that is dedicated to providing abortions above all else.

We encourage you to read Jones’s complete article here.