Planned Parenthood spending millions hyping Kamala Harris
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For pro-lifers across the country, Kamala Harris is the California attorney general who took aim at David Daleiden after his undercover videos threatened to shut down racist Planned Parenthood. His documentation of the illegal selling of aborted baby body parts was so solid that, when the videos were released, Planned Parenthood went running to Harris. As the result of a meeting between the two, Harris steadfastly refused to prosecute Planned Parenthood. Instead, she targeted Daleiden, ordered a raid by law enforcement on his apartment, and brought charges against him and others involved with the Center for Medical Progress. The draconian charges were the first ever brought in California against an undercover journalist for recording on film evidence of illegal activity.

Harris is currently running for vice-president of the United States and, whatever her qualifications might be for that job, racist Planned Parenthood and its friends are spending millions in support of her candidacy. Just this week (on October 5, 2020), CBS NEWS ran a story on how Planned Parenthood and its friends are set to run $10 million in digital ads to hype her candidacy. CBS reports that the ads will run on digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pandora, Roku, Plutotv, Viacom and Outbrain, among other placements.

In addition to Planned Parenthood Votes, other groups joining the effort include PACRONYM, which has been running a $75 million anti-Trump effort since 2019, Black PAC, and EMILY's List WOMEN VOTE!

Jenny Lawson, the executive director of racist Planned Parenthood Votes, was quoted in the story saying, "Kamala Harris has spent her career advocating for women and families, always calling out the disparities women of color and women with low incomes face in health care. Planned Parenthood Votes is excited to join with our partners in highlighting Sen. Harris to voters." 

For more information on Harris and her protection of Planned Parenthood in California, we invite you to read our story about her published in the August 19, 2020, issue of the Wednesday STOPP Report.