Planned Parenthood wins in Washington State
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In the state of Washington, the November ballot contained more than just candidates seeking political office. During 2020, Planned Parenthood managed to get the Washington legislature to pass a horrible bill (SB 5395) that mandated sexuality education program for all public schools in the state. It specified material that had to be covered in grades K–12.

Reacting to this development, parents and other concerned citizens collected signatures to place SB 5395 on the ballot, as Referendum 90 advocated for a reject vote on the referendum. A vote to reject this referendum was a vote to repeal Senate Bill 5395. A vote to approve the referendum was a vote to allow SB 5395 to go into effect. The bill was on hold pending the result of the election.

The Associated Press reported that “Safe & Healthy Youth Washington, the campaign in support of sex ed that is largely backed by Planned Parenthood affiliates, significantly outraised Parents for Safe Schools — the group against the sex ed bill that was primarily funded by state Republican lawmakers — in contributions.”

Ballotpedia reported that the final tally on the vote was that 58 percent of the voters approved the referendum and 42 percent voted to protect their children

Planned Parenthood was, of course, elated with the results. Courtney Normand, Washington state director of Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and Hawaii, said: "It tells us that the majority of Washingtonians are showing really resounding support for comprehensive sex education and that is really, really good news for Washington’s young people."

The Associated Press characterized the result as the “1st voter-approved sex ed mandate in US.”

Planned Parenthood has been pushing for mandated K-12 sexuality education in every school district in the United States since 1986. The results of this election are going to strengthen Planned Parenthood’s resolve and we expect they will be trying to push ballot measures to achieve their goal in all other states.