Pro-Life forces gain representatives in Congress
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Much to the chagrin of Planned Parenthood, in the elections two weeks ago, 13 new pro-life women were elected to the House of Representatives. All 11 incumbent pro-life women were re-elected, so the current count of pro-life women in the House is 24 (not including some races not yet decided).

Christianity Today reports that, “In the US Senate, three pro-life women won reelection: Wyoming’s Cynthia Lummis, Iowa’s Joni Ernst, and West Virginia’s Shelley Moore Capito. Georgia’s Kelly Loeffler advanced to a runoff in January.”

Planned Parenthood had strongly opposed Senator Joni Ernst and her re-election was seen as a continuing rebuttal of Planned Parenthood in the Hawkeye State. The massive battle against Planned Parenthood was begun years ago by Jenifer Bowen and resulted in the closing of two dozen Planned Parenthood facilities and the resurgence of pro-life political activism in the state.

We congratulate all pro-lifers in Iowa for their political victory and ask all our readers to say prayers for Jenifer as she endures some serious medical problems.