Background on Transgender Services at Planned Parenthood
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What!?! You didn’t know that Planned Parenthood was prescribing and providing hormonal injections to teenagers? There is a good reason for that. Planned Parenthood has been mentioning transgender services for about four to five years, but it has never revealed much about what exactly that is. Let’s take its 2018-2019 Annual Report. Planned Parenthood doesn’t mention how many transgender customers it has or even the number of its centers that offer those services. On page 7, there is a small item that says “31 states providing services for transgender patients.” Then, on page 24, where it lists 26 categories of services, it has one: Other Procedures, Women and Men – 9,738. In very small print, it describes these procedures as: “Some examples in this category include WIC services (a federally funded nutrition program for low-income women, infants, and children up to the age of five), pediatric care, transgender services, other adult preventive care, and high complexity visits, including infertility services.”

You can be excused for missing that description.

We have been following various newspaper and magazine accounts of PP’s entry into transgender services, which started in early 2015.

Here are some of the news stories and a synopsis of each for your information.

A January 2016 (updated 2/3/2016) article on SLATE describes the “Informed Consent Model” used by Planned Parenthood: “While all the other local clinics require a letter from the patient’s therapist before they will prescribe HRT, Planned Parenthood operates on an informed consent basis. This means that all patients whose bloodwork indicates they are good candidates for the treatment will be prescribed testosterone or estrogen and androgen blockers, so long as they understand the likely effects and accept the possible side effects that go along with it, after those side effects have been explained to them.”

STOPP NOTE: As explained in the previous article, this “informed consent” is the PP counselor sliding a piece of paper listing side-effects in front of the girl and she signing itmost without even reading it.

The article continued: “This distinction can be crucial to poorer patients, who may struggle to afford the months of therapy that can be required before a letter is forthcoming. (There are still some questions about the informed consent model, due to worries about poorly prepared patients taking drugs that can have irreversible physical effects. However, informed consent has been widely advocated by transgender people themselves, many of whom have had negative experiences with gatekeepers preventing or delaying their access to these treatments.)”

Earlier in the article, the author writes: “Eric Ferrero, Planned Parenthood’s vice president of communications, told me via email that at least 26 Planned Parenthood locations are currently offering testosterone or estrogen therapy to transgender patients and that the number of affiliates offering these services is growing.”

An April 2017 article in the Daily Beast provides some confirmation of the quick processing at Planned Parenthood: “As Slate reported, Planned Parenthood health centers generally offer hormone therapy to transgender patients on an informed consent model, which means that they can get access to treatment if they indicate that they understand and accept the possible side effects.

“For Claire, a transgender woman living in Tennessee who preferred to have her last name redacted for privacy, that option saved her months of hassle. 

“Claire told The Daily Beast that she was initially going to visit an endocrinologist who would have required her to undergo a lengthy ‘real-life test’—a period during which she would have to live full-time as a woman in Tennessee without any of the physical changes that hormones bring—before receiving a prescription. At Planned Parenthood, there was no wait.

“’I had no gatekeeping at all,’ she said. ‘I had a prescription in my hand the same day I went in.'”

According to the article, “Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, estimated that about 65 Planned Parenthood locations now offer transition-related medical care.” That was an increase of 39 PP locations in just over a year.

A January 2018 Washington Times article pointed out that, in December 2017, Planned Parenthood released its 2016-2017 Planned Parenthood Federation of America Annual Report. In it, Planned Parenthood’s president, Cecile Richards, wrote: “We’re expanding access to care — from pioneering research on self-injectable birth control to offering new services for our transgender patients.” On page 6 of the report, Planned Parenthood states: “Expanding Transgender Health Care Services. Planned Parenthood has focused on expanding services to people who are too often overlooked by the larger medical community — including trans patients.” The Annual Report stated: “17 states now have Planned Parenthood health centers that provide hormone therapy.”

An August 2020 article in the Christian Post relates the story of a mother whose daughter was put on testosterone by their local Planned Parenthood center. The mother went undercover, and her own account of what happened at Planned Parenthood gives much credence to the story told to Abigail Shrier by the former Planned Parenthood employee.

There you have it. After almost six years of expansion work by Planned Parenthood, it now claims that “Nationally, Planned Parenthood is the second largest provider of hormone therapy.” It is offering “transgender services” in at least 31 states and at approximately 37 percent of all its clinic locations, and it has never talked much in its annual reports about what “transgender services” are. But now, through the investigative work and writings of Abigail Shrier and a brave mother from Tacoma, Washington, we are beginning to get a look at this hidden attack on our children.

If all of this doesn’t have you upset yet, please remember that, in our January 8, 2020 edition of the Wednesday STOPP Report, we told you: “Planned Parenthood currently runs five in-school clinics in Los Angeles and expects that number to grow to 50 schools. . . . Students do not need parental permission to use the in-school clinics and parents are not notified of student visits.” Planned Parenthood is going to have the ability to get to our teens right in school and get them on transgender therapy!

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