Planned Parenthood-center status
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STOPP has been documenting for years the tremendous decline in the number of Planned Parenthood physical centers in the United States. In 1992, Planned Parenthood had 922 centers and publicly announced a goal of having 2,000 centers by the year 2000. Due to the great work of anti-Planned Parenthood activists all across the country, PP did not make its goal of 2,000. In fact, it never made it to 1,000. The highest number of centers Planned Parenthood ever had was 938 at the end of 1995!

Since then, the numbers have been steadily declining. In 2009, American Life League began a program, Bringing Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary, that saw the number of centers drop dramatically. In 2019, we added the Marian Blue Wave to our arsenal, and during the pandemic year of 2020, Planned Parenthood affiliates closed a total of 33 centers across the country, bringing the total number of Planned Parenthood centers to a record low of 563. That’s a total of 375 closures in 25 years.

Of the 33 that closed in 2020, 19 were originally designated as “temporary closures.” Six months into 2021, Planned Parenthood has now permanently closed two of them—in Pekin, IL, and Pomona, NJ. 

Planned Parenthood has only reopened two of the temporarily closed centers:

  • Planned Parenthood of Michigan reopened its Jackson center at 2009 W. Michigan.
  • Planned Parenthood of Greater New York (PPGNY) reopened its Massapequa center at 35 Carmans Road.

The remaining 15 centers are currently closed.

Last week, PPGNY said it will reopen four more. It optimistically announced last week that “centers in Kingston, Staten Island, Rome, and Goshen will begin accepting in-person appointments and walk-ins as early as this summer.” For now, all these locations remain “temporarily closed.”

STOPP does its full research on Planned Parenthood centers in November and December. However, we do take note of any announcements Planned Parenthood makes publicly. As we write this, Planned Parenthood opened the center in Oxnard, CA, this year and closed an existing one in Shelton, WA.