The fight against Planned Parenthood in Chattanooga, Tennessee, continues
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Three months ago, the community in Chattanooga was rocked when Planned Parenthood of Tennessee and North Mississippi placed a local advertisement looking to hire two full-time employees—one a community organizer and the other a health educator.

The reason why the community became so upset was that Planned Parenthood has no visible operations in or near Chattanooga. The city has been free of abortion providers for over 30 years, and the fact that the largest abortion chain in the nation was interested in their city came as a shock.

Some members of the pro-life community in Chattanooga called STOPP, and we gave them information on Planned Parenthood and directed them to our Plan to Defeat Planned Parenthood that is posted on our website.

This week, News Channel 9 ran a news item about the fight against Planned Parenthood going to the local school board as citizens to try to stop Planned Parenthood from being able to get to their children through the schools (a favorite trick of PP). The article stated, in part:

“Pastor Frank Ramseur of Calvary Chapel in Chattanooga is asking school board leaders to oppose any influence by Planned Parenthood in the district. This comes as the organization has hired two full time staff members in Chattanooga - a health educator and community organizer.

A video from Calvary Chapel's website shows Pastor Ramseur encouraging people to sign a petition he plans on presenting to school board leaders. “I invite you to sign a petition with us that we can submit to our school board that is basically saying we do not want Planned Parenthood anywhere near with their curriculum our kids," Ramseur said in the video.

On their site, it reads: "Planned Parenthood of Tennessee and North Mississippi has hired a Health Educator whose job will be to examine current sex education programs, including those within Hamilton County schools, and offer a ‘comprehensive sex education’ curriculum meeting their National Sex Education standards. We are gathering signatures to present to Hamilton County Schools superintendent, Dr. Bryan Johnson and the school board, imploring them to stand against any influence by Planned Parenthood."

School board members are already denying that Planned Parenthood had any influence on the current curriculum in Chattanooga schools. If true, that is great, and the folks opposed to Planned Parenthood want to keep it that way.

We congratulate the pro-life community of Chattanooga for aggressively working to defend their city and their children from Planned Parenthood.