What one Planned Parenthood president told the Humanists
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In an accompanying article, we have listed over a dozen names of Planned Parenthood executives and supporters who were recipients of awards from the American Humanist Association. One awardee, Faye Wattleton, used her acceptance speech to paint the close relationship between the two organizations and to show her goal of pushing sexuality education programs and school-based clinics on every school district in the nation.

To illustrate the ties between AHA and Planned Parenthood, we present here some excerpts from the acceptance speech of then-PPFA president, Faye Wattleton, when she accepted her 1986 Humanist of the Year award. (Her full speech was printed in THE HUMANIST, July/August 1986.):

  • "Another reason I am so honored today is because your movement and mine have a great deal in common."
  • “...speaking of Jerry Falwell, it is a pleasure, I must admit, to share with you opposition to him and others of his ilk..."
  • "Too many of us are focused upon stopping teenage sexual activity rather than stopping teenage pregnancy."
  • "Parents have to be helped... to pass on their family's values. And, because many parents just can't do that, sexuality education must be a fundamental part of the school curricula from kindergarten through twelfth grade in every school district in the country."
  • "Easy access to contraception must be another priority... We must establish many more school-based health clinics that provide contraceptives as part of general health care.
  • "The threat of teenage pregnancy hits home the hardest if you have children and particularly if you have a daughter. My daughter is ten, and, like other ten-year-olds, she has got the world on a string. My solace in confronting her sexual maturation is the knowledge that she attends an all-girl school. And that's exactly where I intend to keep her for as long as I can."

(NOTE: Of course, those of you who are not able to send your children to a sexually segregated school, must endure the fact that Planned Parenthood will come into coeducational classes and attack the children’s modesty by distributing birth control and by encouraging frank and open discussions of intimate feelings and physiology. Just the type of thing Planned Parenthood’s president takes solace in protecting her daughter from!)

In this week’s Wednesday STOPP Report, we have taken care to bring you details on the religion of Planned Parenthood. We pray that you now feel emboldened to speak out against this aspect of Planned Parenthood with your fellow parents and especially with your priests and ministers.

Planned Parenthood’s abortion business is devastating. Almost 1,000 babies die every day in Planned Parenthood facilities. Almost 400 of those babies will be Black. 

But Planned Parenthood’s attacks on the souls of our children are without parallel. Here is an organization whose leaders receive awards for teaching our children that God doesn’t matter, and they get away with it. No more. We must act now to STOP Planned Parenthood!