Planned Parenthood and Title X money
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The Biden administration recently changed the rules on the Title X program so that Planned Parenthood could again receive $60 million or more from that program and still do abortions in the same facilities that receive Title X.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America president, Alexis McGill Johnson, was on Conversations on healthcare with Mark Maselli and Margaret Flinter. One of the questions she was asked was about making contraceptives more available to young people. Here is the unedited transcript of her reply,

“… we're thrilled by the Biden administration on title 10, to make sure it's also equitable, right, and that people are getting significant access to an expanding access to contraception, this is going to be a really critical part of how we are navigating in a particularly in a potentially post Roe era. And we also know contraception is not 100% foolproof, and so you know, it does mean that we will need to continue to fight for access to abortion … LA County is a wonderful example. We have 50 wellbeing centers in high schools, where, you know, students are able to leave algebra and geometry class and walk down the hall and talk to a nurse practitioner, about the choices that they want to make with respect to their bodies, ask for counseling around contraception, and, and, and then go back without, you know, losing a moment's way from their desks. It's a there's a community health centers that are also serving the community. So, the parents are able to come in and ask their own questions for themselves in, you know, after school when the kids are home for dinner. And so, I think there are so many models out there that are that are both advancing from medical standards and guidelines practices, but also that what is best for community. And I think that those are the things that that is going to be the responsibility for states that have the capacity to expand access to health care in this way, particularly sexual reproductive health care, their biggest job right now, in addition to seeing the patients that may come to them from the south, in the Midwest, because of these bans, they have to be exporting that imagination back into the states that people are leaving, because that is we have to give people a vision of what is possible so that they will stand with us and fight for what they know they should have.” (Emphasis added)

In December 2019, we told you about the opening of the first five of the planned 50 wellbeing clinics Planned Parenthood was putting in the Los Angeles schools. All 50 are now operating with funds coming from the federal government as well as from the LA County school district. Planned Parenthood is clearly excited about its ability to get to your children in this manner—without you knowing about it.

In 1986, Planned Parenthood announced a goal of having mandatory K-12 sex education as well as school-based clinics in every school district in the nation. It’s been 35 years, but Planned Parenthood has never given up on that goal. In today’s world, they are calling the school-based clinics “wellbeing centers,” but the objective is still the same—to get to your children and turn them on to sex so Planned Parenthood can continue to rake in the profits from selling birth control products and abortion.