Deep in the Heart of Texas
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Texas’ attorney general, Ken Paxton, has sued Planned Parenthood Federation of America and several of its locations in Texas in an effort to recoup ten million dollars in payments made by the state’s Medicaid program. According to the January 13 press release: “The lawsuit states that the Planned Parenthood entities knew they were not entitled to retain the payments but have failed to repay them as program rules require.” 

According to Paxton: “It is unthinkable that Planned Parenthood would continue to take advantage of funding knowing they were not entitled to keep it.” He continued: “I will not allow them to benefit from this abhorrent conduct after they were caught violating medical standards and lying to law enforcement.”

Planned Parenthood said the lawsuit was “another political attack,” and it argues that the funds it received did not pay for abortion services, which of course is a matter of semantics when dealing with any organization that profits on the death of babies. 

In its usual style, Planned Parenthood is calling foul. “Planned Parenthood will continue to fight back against all of these false accusations and political attacks and will continue serving patients in Texas—no matter what,” Planned Parenthood general counsel Kumiki Gibson stated. But this story has deep roots that Planned Parenthood can ill afford to ignore. 

In 2016, the state of Texas officially filed to remove Planned Parenthood as a Medicaid recipient, serving the organization with a final notice of termination. That is when the legal battle began. While it continues today, one can only hope that Paxton’s drive to not only retrieve the state Medicaid funding of ten million but to regain all of the fees, penalties, and interest that have accrued since the 2016 action will come to fruition.