Good News Shorts
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Minnesota: Students from Chesterton Academy in Hopkins regularly get into several vehicles and SUVs, head 15 miles to St. Paul, and pray a Rosary in front of Planned Parenthood. They are members of the self-described “pro-life generation.” These Crusaders for Life, as they call themselves, are sorrowful about the babies being aborted inside Planned Parenthood but at the same time joyful to be honoring those babies by making their voices heard in a united effort.

Jack Berg, a freshman and one of six children, put it best when he said: “When I see a baby, the amount of joy that comes to my face is unbelievable. . . . And to think of that life being taken every day in multiple (abortion) clinics all around the world, that’s just a dagger in my heart.” 

New Hampshire: January 12 was a big day in the Granite State. On that day the New Hampshire Executive Council “rejected for the third time in five months a proposal to give $1 million to three abortion facilities for ‘family planning’ services. But even though Planned Parenthood argued that not a penny would go for abortion, pro-life activists have said the “fungibility of dollars means that any money that goes to Planned Parenthood and other facilities ends up underwriting abortions.” We know from years of experience that this is exactly what happens. After all, when money gets into the hands of groups that kill babies, they have but one thing in mind when they receive flexible dollars. Fungible money is blood money in their hands.