Parent Power!! (Chapter 11)
Specific Planned Parenthood Sex Education Programs

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In Chapter 7, we introduced you to some of the basic philosophies of Planned Parenthood. When examining programs in, or planned for, your school, you should look at the programs treatment of pre-marital sex, masturbation, sex play among children, and homosexuality to determine if these programs are in concert with the teachings of GOD. In addition, Planned Parenthood is an advocate for abortion and its programs always treat abortion in a neutral or positive light. They never reveal the medical or psychological problems associated with abortion and rarely talk about the alternatives for a pregnant girl.

As with the names of its programs, Planned Parenthood continually repackages its books under different titles. So, it is virtually impossible to keep a complete up-to-date list of titles. This chapter will introduce you to a number of current Planned Parenthood texts and point out some of the problems with them. Please understand that this is not an exhaustive list. The absence of a particular text from this list does not mean it is okay. You must review all texts yourself to determine how they treat the topics mentioned above.


Many STOPP supporters wonder what Planned Parenthood would teach Kindergartners and the early grades about sex. According to a Planned Parenthood Family Life Education guide which is being pushed in Vermont and other New England states, in co-ed Kindergarten classes:


By the time these children get to the third grade, they are asked to:


And they actually wonder why decent parents object to these types of programs and fight to get them out of the school.

When parents were successful in getting these offensive FLE programs out of the schools, the programs were simply repackaged and called the "Child Abuse Prevention Lessons." Under this name, they forced them on parents who could not stand in the way of abuse prevention for fear that the community would think they would have "something to hide." This is an area where people in the community who do not have young children can be more effective than parents.

The fact is that such explicit education is NOT necessary to protect our children from sexual abuse. Our children could be taught that no one should be touching them "in places covered by a bathing suit." The kids would the message clearly. To bombard these kids with the technical names for all the parts of the body covered by a bathing suit is offensive and breaks down modesty - especially when done in a coed class.


Planned Parenthood of Westchester, Inc., has produced a sexuality education course aimed at children age 4 through 7. It is titled STRAIGHT TALK and is described in a book of the same title (c. 1987, Penguin Books). This program is clearly a rehash of the Planned Parenthood thinking described in Chapter 7. If you understood those philosophies, then you will not be surprised by the following quotes from the book:

  • "It's perfectly normal for children of about the same age to engage in sex play with members of the same or opposite sex." page 34
  • "Masturbation is perfectly normal and not harmful.... a child should not be made to feel guilty about her interest in her body." page 35
  • "When discussing masturbation with an older child (age 7) it mat be appropriate to say that girls and women also masturbate." page 24

    The book also treats homosexuality in a neutral tone. Clearly this is not a program for children of Christian parents.


    A particularly insidious manual was created and self- published by Planned Parenthood of Bergen County, Inc. and is titled POSITIVE IMAGES (c. 1986). It is designed to "integrate contraceptive use into the idealogy of love, relationships, and sexuality." It is a promoter of adolescent sex and an attack on family values. Using Values Clarification techniques, it encourages students to become advocates of the use and teaching of contraceptives including the abortifacient pill.


    Planned Parenthood of Central California has created a sex-ed program titled LET'S TALK ABOUT... SEX for children aged 9 to 12. It is documented in a book of the same title (c. 1986, self-published). Although not as overtly offensive as some of Planned Parenthood's other books, this book still contains a lot of material which is contrary to traditional Judeo-Christian morality....

  • First of all, the book begins on a false premise. On page 14, it is stated "A very good time to build family communication about sex is when your child is between 9 and 12 years old." We have already recorded, in Chapter 7, the problems with teaching sex during the "latency" period.
  • In addition to the, by now expected, endorsement of masturbation, this book could actually be used as a "how to" manual. Going to great lengths to describe the manner in which both male and female self stimulation is performed. The book carries this over into its section on sexual intercourse where that act is also described in a simplified "how to" manner.
  • In a further discussion of intercourse, the book states "Though making babies is certainly important, it is not the main reason why couples have sexual intercourse." Thus giving support to those who push "recreation" instead of "procreation" as the chief reason for the act.
  • The suggested further reading includes books by SIECUS advocates Mary Calderone, Wardell Pomeroy and Sol Gordon.


    STOPP supporters will recognize the expression LOVE CAREFULLY as an often-used Planned Parenthood slogan. It is also incorporated in the title of a book written by former Planned Parenthood people in California and distributed by ETR Associates. The book is c.1987 and is called AN EASY GUIDE TO LOVING CAREFULLY. This book has very graphic drawings of the male and female bodies. Many of the drawings are done in such a way as to be demeaning to both men and women and to arouse a sexual interest on the part of the reader. In addition to the graphics, the book gives very dangerous advice: although it contains a section on AIDS and mentions, on page 47, that oral sex must be avoided, this advice is contradicted on page 16 and again on page 32 where the reader is told that oral sex is a viable alternative to unprotected intercourse!


    There is, in California, a group known as ETR Associates. They are a publishing company offering books on Family Life Education and AIDS education. In December, 1989, FOCUS ON THE FAMILY CITIZEN (Pomona, CA 91799) ran an article which revealed the sordid background of ETR. To quote from this article, "ETR Associates began its corporate life as the Education Department of the Santa Cruz Chapter of Planned Parenthood! .... ETR Marketing Director Steve Bignell, editor of the Family Life Education curriculum and Family Life Educator magazine, served as education director at Planned Parenthood-Santa Cruz..... In fact their publications frequently have a Planned Parenthood credit line or are stamped `property of Planned Parenthood.'"

    Readers should know that ETR are the people who put together the GOOD-TOUCH/BAD- -TOUCH programs that are being pushed for child abuse prevention. Planned Parenthood, which failed to get its sex education classes in the schools, has now launched a three prong attack. It is pushing the "Human Growth and Development" K-12 program; it is pushing AIDS education with a liberal sex ed component, and it is also trying to push so-called "Child Abuse Prevention" programs. You can tell the Planned Parenthood style programs, because they are aimed at breaking down modesty. Look at the programs in your schools, if you find immodest behavior, or see the name ETR Associates associated with the program, then take action to get these programs out of your school!


    The March/April, 1989 issue of FAMILY PLANNING PERSPECTIVES (published by the Alan Guttmacher Institute - the research arm of Planned Parenthood) was devoted to a status of the sex ed battle. AGI's President stated the need for Planned Parenthood to take the following three actions:

  • To establish at the state level unambiguous policies on sex education and the establishment of detailed curricula.
  • To provide te achers with appropriate materials in sex education.
  • To obtain active support of school administrators, parents and the community for teachers who teach sex education.

    This thrust is a continuation of the corporate goals announced by Planned Parenthood in 1986 of having mandatory K through 12 sex education in every school district in the United States; and having a school based clinic in every school district.

    Parents must realize that these goals will REQUIRE the installation of offensive Planned Parenthood sex education programs and books. You have just read some examples of this type of education, now let's take a look a just a couple more:


    The next Planned Parenthood program to which we call your attention falls in the area of AIDS education. Planned Parenthood has jumped on the AIDS bandwagon and is getting much government funding to push its version of AIDS education.

    This AIDS education provides an example of Planned Parenthood showing its true colors with the emergence of its so-called "Safety Dance." This atrocious program is the brainchild of a Planned Parenthood operative in Ithaca, NY. It has been picked-up by the national Planned Parenthood Federation of America and advertised in its national publications. Recently, a Planned Parenthood affiliate in Vermont scheduled a performance of this sick affair in Vermont. It got the Vermont Health Department to co-sponsor the event and even sent fliers to teachers encouraging them to "MAKE ATTENDANCE AT THE DANCE A HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT FOR VERMONT TEENS."

    Because of the sick nature of this program, and because it appears that Planned Parenthood will push this as part of its AIDS education around the country, we will print the complete description of the "Safety Dance." The next time Planned Parenthood tries to get money for AIDS education from your local government, give this to your elected officials as an illustration of the kind of program Planned Parenthood feels is a positive approach to AIDS education.

    Parents in Vermont fought the holding of this program and, because of their tireless efforts, Planned Parenthood was forced to cancel the dance. Even with that, Planned Parenthood were forced to take a $150,000 cut in a funding bill and lost many long time supporters. As sick as the following program sounds, STOPP assures our readers that we have seen the actual documentation and this is an accurate description of the program........


    A fun and exciting musical extravaganza guaranteed to keep you dancing while learning about sexuality and safer sex. This educational and entertaining event features games, crazy condoms and hot music with sexual messages. Includes a danceable history of sex and rock `n' roll, and up to four hours of sexually-explicit dance music interspersed with sex educator's response to "Dirty Dancing"


    Hank Ballard and the Midnighters: "Work with me, Annie" (1954)
    Hank Ballard and the Midnighters: "Annie had a Baby" (1954)
    Bill Haley and the Comets: "Rock Around the Clock" (1955)
    Elvis Presley: "Hound Dog" (1956)
    The Everley Brothers: "Wake Up Little Susie" (1957)
    The Kingsmen: "Louie, Louie" (1962)
    The Doors: "Light My Fire" (1967)
    The Rolling Stones: "Let's Spend the Night Together"(1967)
    Musique: "In the Bush" (1973)
    Billy Joel: "Only the Good Die Young" (1977)
    Paul Lekakis: "Boom Boom" (1987)
    George Michael: "I Want Your Sex" (1987)

    2. "Putting on the Condom" (adapted from "Condom Comfort" in Positive Images: A New Approach to Contraceptive Education by Brick and Cooperman). During the course of the evening each person receives and wears a name tag depicting a different step in condom use. During this activity, participants arrange themselves in a line (or circle) according to how they think a condom is used (if there are a large number of participants, have several groups perform the activity at the same time, and compare results!). After the line is formed, have the participants read off their tags in order. Acting out the steps can increase the fun of this activity. The name tags are labeled as follows:

    Physical attraction
    Think about having sex
    Talk about having sex
    Decide to use a condom
    Pool money
    Go to a condom store
    Decide what kind to buy
    Take box off rack
    Pay cashier
    Decide where to store them
    Meet your lover
    Relax (throughout)
    Decide to have sex
    Penis hard?
    Need to use a condom
    Open package
    Place condom on penis
    Roll condom down penis
    Leave space at tip
    Enough lubrication?
    If no, use KY jelly ...or, more foreplay
    Feel good? (throughout)
    Hold on to rim of condom
    Withdraw penis
    Remove condom
    Loss of erection
    Decide where to throw condom away
    Trash it
    Wash penis
    Partner have an orgasm?
    Fall in love (throughout, or at all?)

    Process: Discuss whether or not the participants think they got the steps in the correct order (the above represents a possible sequence). Does anyone think someone should be elsewhere in the line? Were there some steps that could go in more than one place? What would happen if certain steps were done in the incorrect order?

    3. Demonstration of fun and unusual condoms (from Amsterdam, etc.) and condom use by placing human-sized condom over a volunteer's body.

    4. Safer sex trivia and giveaways (give away boxes of "Condoms and Kisses"). Name the two popular songs that make reference to condoms (Billy Joel's "Keeping the Faith" and Prince's "Little Red Corvette"). Name the popular songs that mention AIDS (Prince's "Sign of the Times"), and the one dedicated to AIDS research (Dionne Warwick's "That's What Friends are For").

    5. Safer sex continuum activity - participants tape placards containing a "sexual activity" on a wall ranking them from least risky to most risky for HIV infection.

    Dry Kissing
    Walk along beach
    Phone sex
    Slow dancing
    French Kissing
    Candlelight dinner
    Making out/petting
    Fast Dancing
    Sex toys
    Dressing/undressing one another
    Skinny-dipping/moonlight swimming
    Erotic films and magazines
    Body paints
    Showering together
    Bubble bath
    Mutual masturbation
    Oral sex on a woman (cunnilingus)
    Oral sex on a woman with a dental dam
    Oral sex on a man wearing a condom
    Oral sex on a man (fellatio)
    Intercourse with a condom (and foam)
    Oral/anal contact (rimming)
    Anal Intercourse without a condom
    Anal intercourse with a condom
    Intercourse without a condom
    Eating fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate/sensuous feeding
    Snuggling in a beanbag chair eating chocolate chip cookies

    6. Condom Relay Race

    Description: A fun, "competitive" activity enabling participants to become comfortable handling condoms.

    Preparation: This activity requires one condom (unlubricated or lubricated with plenty of tissues handy!) per participant and several bananas (firm, not ripe).

    Directions: Divide into a comfortable number of teams (8-10 players works best), and have teams form parallel lines. Each player receives one unopened package containing a condom. The first player in each line also receives a banana. When commanded to start, the first player gives the second person in line the banana to hold, opens the package, and rolls the condom onto the banana. The first player then rolls the condom off. The second player then gives the third player in line the banana, and the process continues until the last in line runs to the front of the line and puts the condom on the banana held by the first person in line, who may then eat the banana.

    7. Breaking of pinadas at midnight.


    As our final look at Planned Parenthood sex education, we will bring you descriptions of two films distributed and shown in Mexico by MEX/FAM -the Mexican affiliate of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF). Before you think that this is a Mexican problem only, please understand that there are close connections between MEX/FAM and Planned Parenthood affiliates in California, Connecticut and Arizona. Money being donated to Planned Parenthood affiliates in the United States is being used to support MEX/FAM programs such as the distribution of these films.


    The first film is titled THE BLUE DOVE. It is an animated film, so please be aware that what we describe is being done by animated characters, not real people. Since the target audience for this film is six to 12 year old, this use of animation actually increases the offensiveness of the film.

    The film opens with a group of young children playing in the woods. There are two adolescents among the group. The young boy drifts away from the rest of the children. The children finish playing in the woods and all go for a swim in the nearby pond. The boys and girls take off all their clothes and play together in the water. The young girl, aware of her emerging womanhood, is reluctant to remove her clothes and wanders away.

    The young girl sees the boy enter an abandoned house and watches him though a crack in the wall. The boy engages in fantasy play in the basement of the house which has many nude pictures and medieval costumes. The boy removes his clothes and cavorts around the cellar with a helmet and sword. The boy is apparently aroused by the naked pictures and begins fondling a female mannequin and then falls asleep on a bed.

    The girl has been watching all this and, moving for a better view, slips and falls in a small pond. Soaked, she removes her clothing and then begins fondling her breasts. Her face becomes flushed as she explores her body.

    The boy has a dream in which he saves this naked girl from a dragon. He and the girl then engage in sex play culminated by a graphically animated act of sexual intercourse.

    The boy awakes from his dream and leaves the house (still naked) and finds the naked girl playing in the pond. He joins her and the two engage in sexual play as the film ends.

    It is difficult to find the educational value of this film. Remember that it is intended to be shown to six to twelve years old. Just the age group that is in a natural sexual latency period. It seems obvious that this film can do nothing but encourage recreational sexual play among children and break down their natural modesty. The film does portray the act of sexual intercourse in graphic detail showing the insertion of the penis, the movement of the sperm, the fertilization of the egg, and the eventual birth of the baby. But, why do first graders need to know all this!

    If one were to try and produce a film which would encourage sexual play and increase the sale of PP birth control products, THE BLUE DOVE would be that film.

    As Christian parents, we MUST do something to protect our children from this film.

    As offensive as THE BLUE DOVE is, in many ways, the second PP film, is even worse...


    The second PP film is titled THE LAST TRAIN. It is a story (using real actors) of a young girl who becomes pregnant and leaves home. She is waiting in the railroad station for the father of her child to arrive to go with her. The boy never shows up and she finally takes the last train out of town. The story is told in flash backs as the girl remembers events that brought her to her current situation.

    The film is filled with negative messages about parents. This is not surprising, of course, knowing how PP fears parents and their influence over their children.

    When the girl's father finds out about her pregnancy, he reacts violently. Calling her a whore and hitting her and, eventually throwing her out of the house.

    The girl's mother is portrayed as a weak person who can not influence the father and does not give any real support to the girl.

    The film shows the girl's boy friend preparing to leave home and join the girl at the station. His mother then talks him out of going. Not by offering help, but by telling him that the girl is essentially a whore and that it was her fault for getting pregnant. She reminds him that if she did it with him, she would do it with others.

    Thus, parents are shown not as being loving and helpful, but as being angry, violent and looking to blame. The parents in this film bear no resemblance to the majority of parents in the world and in Mexico.

    Along with the negative message about parents, there is much in the film which suggests positiveness about having sex- even as a teenager. The girl and boy are shown in passionate embraces with much kissing (with their clothes on). One scene of them in the woods rolling on the ground is punctuated by a balloon rising into the air as the two become more and more involved.

    In other scenes, the girl's brother is shown in the woods with his friends looking a magazines with sexually explicit pictures. At one point, one of the boys goes off by himself. Although the camera only shows him from the waist up, the physical movement clearly indicates that he is masturbating. He finishes and joins his friends.

    In the most offensive scene of the film, the girl is shown in bed, wearing pajamas and a sheet is covering her body below the waist. The audience is forced to endure several minutes of watching this young girl masturbate.

    Her hands are slipped under her blouse and sheet and it is obvious from her motions and moans that she experiences an orgasm.

    As she relaxes after her sexual experience, the film shows her glancing at the wall in her room and her eyes fall on a picture of the head of Jesus Christ. The girl then turns away and pulls the sheet over her!

    This picture is not only obscene and degrading of both children and parents, it is blatantly mocking of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

    This picture was written up in the 1988 Annual Report of the International Planned Parenthood Federation Western Hemisphere Region as one of the "entertaining" films being shown by MEX/FAM to youths as young as 11! And they were PROUD of it!

    We, at STOPP, are frequently accused of being unfair in our criticism of PP sex ed programs. We are accused of taking things out of context or of reporting only part of the issue. So, we've tried to give you in this book here much detail on these films and Planned Parenthood courses. Much more, we're sure, than you really wanted. But, we hope the truth is now clear: Planned Parenthood is an anti-Christian, anti-parent group that MUST be stopped.

    Is this the type of education you want for your children? If not, you must begin to do something about it. In the next chapter, we will summarize the techniques we have outlined in this book that can be used to fight Planned Parenthood programs.

    If YOU will start today to fight Planned Parenthood in YOUR community and YOUR town, Planned Parenthood CAN be defeated. But, if you put this book down and do nothing, Planned Parenthood will succeed. The choice is yours.